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Tommy Mathewes Auto Repair has been serving the Augusta area since 2004. We specialize in BMW repair and service, and have quickly grown to be one of the premiere BMW independent service facilities in the CSRA.

Tommy has been ASE Master Certified since 1983 with more than 25 years of automotive experience and are dedicated to quality diagnosis, service and repair of your vehicle.

In addition to experience, Tommy Mathewes Auto Repair has a modern, well-equipped shop with the latest tools, diagnostic equipment, and technical information systems.

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1 Review

  • Basyl Prokosa2 years ago

    My Z4 was taken to this shop for horn sounding when I hit a bump and rain censer. While I it was there 2 tires needed replacing and alined so after a week in the shop they replace the tires and the steering column and had to be sent to BMW Dealer for windshield.I paid for non warranted work alined,tires replaced (run flat)oil clanged.

    I arrived at the BMW dealership since my bumper to bumper insurance is a great company questioned why it was taking over a week to replace a steering column and windshield.They also review the bill and questioned me how can they pay $175.00 Miscellaneous Mathews billed me and the $92.00 to push the button on my console to reset the ECM.

    The dealership manager Questioned me why I put cheaper tires on and showed me the RX on the 2 original tires.

    I confronted Mathews about the Issues and lucky for me I took the old tires and had to bring and show them original tire they took off before they would replace.

    When confronted about the $92.00 for pushing the reset on my console and how do I replace or repair the Miscellaneous for $175.00 I was reimbursed, as for the tires they did change the $429.00 to the $650.00 tires they were suppose to put on the first time.

    Ps After they replaced the tires to make sure they were installed properly by Mathews tire Specialist I went back to the dealership who pointed out their specialist mounted the tires inside out,which was clearly marked on the Michelin tire this side in. Tire designed to displace water out not under the car to prevent Hydroplaning.

    In closing, This is not a you get what you pay for. It's what's you don't know will kill you.

    Lucky the dealer was honestly saved my family's life since everyone loves to play with POPs toy.

    2004 BMW Z4 3.01
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