Euro Tech

8211-B Stephanie Drive,
Huntsville, AL 35802 US
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5 Reviews

  • Phillip 2 months ago

    Pretty bad service on my end of things. I had my BMW towed to them for a no start issue. They kept my car for 6 WEEKS.... Then called me and told me they could not figured it out and returned my vehicle in the same condition I have it to them, not starting. I then towed it to another shop and they fixed it and had it running in 48 hours/2 days.... I don't think I really need to type much more here.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • David3 years ago

    My initial contact with EuroTech was prior to purchasing my used Z3 in 2008 when I took it for a pre-purchase "check out". They willingly checked the car out took time to discuss the car's condition. Since then, I have used them exclusively for any work that I have not felt comfortable taking care of myself. I have always found them to be very helpful, knowledgable and honest. Prices are reasonable for quality work that they do. I feel much better taking my car to the guys at EuroTech than the local dealership. I recommend them highly if you are looking for a good shop to care for your BMW.

    1997 BMW Z3 Roadster
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  • Dan Brown3 years ago

    I have had several repairs done at Euro-tech, including a complete head re-build on my 325i, and I must say, every repair has been to my complete satisfaction. These people are completely knowledgeable of BMWs, and from simple repairs to complete rebuild, I trust these people to do an outstanding job.

    2005 BMW 325i
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  • George6 years ago

    I trust these guys. I've been taking my '02 530i there for a couple years now for minor and major service after getting recommendations from co-workers. They have the experience, test equipment, and tech data, including the ability to reprogram system electronics. Cost is not cheap but reasonable, and probably more knowledgeable than the dealer. Plus they have been willing to work problems not strictly mechanical-electrical. And they are willing to talk to you and explain different options.

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  • Kim6 years ago

    Great shop! Great folks! Been using them for over 9 years now for my 3 BMW's. No problems. No issues. Very knowledgeable. You'll see a variety of BMW's there, so they're diverse - older cars - middle aged ones - and new ones. Easy to work with them. I'm glad they're here!

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