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168 E I65 Service Rd N,
Mobile, AL 36607 US
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6 Reviews

  • Tim5 months ago

    As you most likely know by now, BMW & MINI vehicles are not inexpensive to repair. Don’t go to a shop without the experience and expensive electronic diagnostic equipment that you will find both at the dealership and Hunt Automotive. Unfortunately, I’ve had the privilege of spending thousands of dollars with John and the wonderful crew at Hunt Automotive. And I have never been disappointed in their work. In addition, I’ve not had to take advantage of their warranty, because it’s done right the first time. I purchased a preowned BMW, but had it inspected before the making my final decision. I was informed that the vehicle needed rear brakes and a valve cover gasket replacement. Twenty five thousand hard miles later, I’ve had to replace some other components including a battery, alternator, and oil filter housing gasket among others. The work was always done at the price I was quoted, and was completed the same day. (I strongly recommend making an appointment first.). I simply cannot state this eloquently enough: this is the superior shop for your BMW & MINI needs.

    2011 BMW 528i
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  • Tonia Powell2 years ago

    Awesome Team who are friendly and professional "everyone." John made me feel he truly had my cars best interest at heart which meant a lot by taking the time to explain what was going on with my car and preventive maintenance. Rebecca was very professional and accommodating. She handled my request for faxes, etc quickly and knew the business. I will most certainly be back. Thank you for the one on one!

    2005 BMW 645Ci
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  • Rick Wetzler5 years ago

    We have used Hunt BMW now twice and are absolutely 100% happy with their service. I have found them extremely knowledgable, competent, uncomplicated and accomodating. They show you what's wrong, what needs to be done and answer all your questions. No BS, trying to hide something or trying to smoke something by you. The repairs were done when they said they would be done. The diagnosis was done correctly and the repairs fixed the problem the first time around. Some warranty work was done without an argument. Btw, their warranty is excellent and they stand behind it. I found them to be very honest and reasonable in their pricing. I knew what the problem was when I brought in the car and they told me exactly that, not more not less. Great Bimmer Shop. I would drive 50 miles to get there, but fortunately we live in Mobile. Thanks Hunt crew, good to have you.

    2000 BMW 328 CI
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  • Philip S.6 years ago

    We had a horrible experience with the service department at the factory BMW dealership in Mobile, AL, where they misdiagnosed a mechanical noise and replaced our transmission unnecessarily. After never satisfactorily getting the repairs done by the dealership, and in fact having a new problem that "coincidentally"arose during the car's time in the BMW dealership's shop which they wouldn't own up to, we were referred to Hunt by a local used car dealer who specializes in imports, and who has owned over a dozen BMW's himself. The dealer told us that Hunt was the best BMW repair shop within 50 miles of the Eastern Shore, and he took all his BMW's there. The cause of our original problem was diagnosed and repaired in less than 24 hours after the car was dropped off for service, and in this case, the repair was about 1/10 what the BMW dealer charged for their mistake. You could say I am VERY happy with Hunt Automotive!

    2003 BMW sedan
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  • Brady7 years ago

    Hunt Automotive was recommended to me by the local MINI dealership. I was away from home on vacation and the clutch on my MINI began to slip. I was able to get the car in to them on Thursday, by Friday afternoon I was motoring again with a brand new clutch installed. The service provided was exceptional and the prices were reasonable. I would highly recommend Hunt Automotive again. Thanks again!

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  • Joe Brown7 years ago

    I have used Hunt several times for service to major repair. They have always been confident, helpful and reasonably priced. I would highly reccommend them for BMW service.

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