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Tucson's Leader for Quality BMW Repair Since 1987

Dearing Automotive has been setting the standard for quality service and repair in Tucson since 1987. We specialize in BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari Automobiles. Our ultra-clean facility is staffed with knowledgeable professionals, and we have the latest in Diagnostic Equipment for your vehicle.

We guarantee our work and take pride in surpassing our clients' customer service expectations.

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7 Reviews

  • Gary7 years ago

    I have owned 3, 5 and 7 series BMW’s and for the past 25 years I have taken them exclusively to Dearing. Dearing’s staff has always been courteous and honest. They will not sell you on anything your car does not need and they know exactly what they are doing. I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else in Tucson.

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  • Marc7 years ago

    I have never had anything but great experiences over the last 8 years of dealing with dearing. From the front desk to the tech and back, it is always progessional and done correctly, on time at a reasonable price. What more could I ask for?

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  • Jim Miller7 years ago

    I've been going to Dearing's since I purchased my first BMW, a 1989 535i bought used in 1995. I've always been happy with the work, and have come to appreciate the people there even more. I have never had to return for a follow-up repair, and have complete faith in their service. If you buy on price alone, you might find a cheaper shop, but eventually you'll regret it. There's no place better than Dearing's. Great people, great work, great shop. Period.

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  • Mike Prout7 years ago

    Over the past 8 years I have had all of the maintenance work for my 740iL performed by Dearing Automotive . I never wanted anything but the best possible treatment of my BMW, and I am confident that this shop provided the expert cost-effective work that the car deserved. As my children have moved on to college I no longer needed the biggest Bimmer and so I sold that car this month at a very-high market-value price - a price that was largely justified by the quality of service the car received at Dearing's. This shop also services my SL500. I have found them always to be diligent and forthright with me, the customer - treated intelligently and fairly with no surprises. It's worth noting that Robert Dearing seems to love these cars and knows well the business he is in. This often results in a product application or a mechanical solution that lesser shops would never even consider. And so your car is way better for it. This is a great shop and an asset to those of us around Tucson who also love fine cars.

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  • Dan Jones7 years ago

    Purchased a 1989 BMW M3 from Washington State and had it dropped off at Dearing Motors. The shop manager was kind enough to stay 1/2 hour late on a Friday to receive the call. In talking with the shop manager told him I had a set amount of money to spend on getting things fixed. So for the first week they reviewed the vehicle and got back to me saying there was about $2,000 worth of work that needed to be done. I said go ahead and do all work identified. However, after another week and 1/2 goes by I get another call on Wednesday stating that I would need another 2k work done in order to get the car completely straight. This was a shock as I thought I was very clear in telling them I had a certain amount of money and wanted to take care of high priority items first. Also they would need until the following Tuesday as they had another vehicle scheduled. So pretty much all they had done in 2 1/2 weeks is do a Inspection II on my vehicle and now needed another week with the car. After thinking about it I called them and told them to stop work and took the vehicle BMW Tucson to finish. I felt 3 weeks with a car was way too long. Also the pricing is not economical. The work they were planning on doing was done by BMW Tucson for ~80 dollars less.

    Nice people but slow and expensive.

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  • RicK8 years ago

    I have had years of success with Dearing's. 1989 325, 2004 M5, 2008 M3 all have been cared for at this great shop. I have never been anything but fully satisfied with the work, price and explanation. Fair and professional.

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  • Eric8 years ago

    I had the opportunity to purchase an X5 at an incredible price online. After receiving the vehicle I made an appointment with the local BMW dealer to have it inspected. When I left the dealership I felt homeless and lost. They said I needed a new battery and that my CV Boots were bad and on and on. I went to Dearing’s specifically because there were no reviews for them on Bimmershops (none that I could find) So I figured I would be the first to review them. I called, got a great price on a battery and took my car in that day to get fixed. After they took my trunk apart the technician came out to tell me I didn’t need a battery. I went out with him and he showed me the battery’s load. He went into great detail how the rating factor works for it and so forth. We went over the inspection list that the dealer had shown me and after a good hour, I felt much more confident about what my car needed and what was fluff. He went ahead and checked out the rest of the vehicle for me and I have an appointment to get some more work done. I have to say I was greatly impressed, not just with the knowledge of the mechanics, but the passion with which they work. They take great pride in their work and it shows. And the price… something the dealer could never compare too. Dearing’s is my new home for my X5.


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