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Desert Bavarian Service is a new name to a company that has served the Phoenix area since November 2007. (Formerly Desert BMW Service)

The shop is owned and operated by a graduate of the BMW Service Technician Education Program. The owner achieved his level one certification in a seven month, full time intensive training program on all aspects of BMW repair. Since then he has serviced and repaired all manner of BMWs for 7 years.

Quality service is guaranteed! We only service BMWs, all makes and models.

We use state-of-the-art Diagnostic Equipment to analyze your car's performance and help you keep your car in premium running condition.

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12 Reviews

  • Dave1 year ago

    I've been taking my car to Joe for 5 years, and I'm convinced he's the best mechanic in northern Phoenix. I've always been impressed with his expert work on my car and quick turn around. And whatever his shop lacks in corporate polish it makes up for in unbeatable pricing. He does run his shop solo at times, so he may not be free to answer the phone when you call. But he does always call back, usually within hours, especially if he has your car there.

    Joe's a dedicated technician who more than once has fixed for free some minor issue I've had while tackling a larger job for me. (The total opposite of nickle and diming, how often do you find that?) The latest example blew me away: My audio aux-in electrical module came loose and receded deep below my console compartment. It was impossible to fish back out. I asked Joe to please take a look while doing some other work for me. When I came back, he had not only fished it out, but because the installation fitting wasn't well made in the first place, he fashioned and painted a new restraining collar to keep it from ever slipping back down again. All at no charge to me. I had even offered that he could charge me something for that issue when dropping it off, but he didn't bother. Wow.

    So if you're looking for dealership polish look elsewhere, but if you just need a trustworthy and dedicated mechanic to fix your car right and not overcharge you, you really can't beat Joe at Desert Bavarian.

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • susan3 years ago

    stay away, what kind of business never answers their phone. Dropped off my car, to get a call back for diagnoses, and plan of action, never heard back and called several times with no answer, I had stressed needing my car at 2:30 to pickup my kid from school.

    2004 BMW 530I
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  • Mark3 years ago

    Trust this guy to do what needs done, right at a fair price. Runs a good shop - orderly, courteous and professional.

    2005 BMW X3 3.0
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  • Russell S4 years ago

    Have been going to Joe since I bought my first BMW in 2009. Very knowledgable, professional, easy to talk with. I am glad to see he has since added a couple capable staff to help in shop and office. I believe Joe understands the stress we clients have when considering the expense of repairs and maintenance. I feel Joe has never attemped to up-sell me on unnecessary repiars. For recommended service, he explains the risks in putting the service off to a later time. For me, I consider all repair costs high, but joe softens the pain with his honest competitive fes and by focusing on priority needs of the car. Unfortunatly I will sbe elling my excellent 325i so I will missout on my satisifying experiences with Desert Bavarian Services. I takes me awhile to gain respect for repair facilities. After four years with Joe, I have come to respect and trust this shop, and recommend with confidence Joe to any BMW owner looking for a reoair home.

    2003 BMW 325i
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  • Stephanie I.4 years ago

    I can't say enough about Joe and his staff at Desert Bavarian. This shop is the best anywhere to repair your BMW. I have to agree with Susanne S. If you ever have any Beemer problems don't hesitate take it to Joe at Desert Bavarian. I was traveling in the Phoenix area the last few months, when my BMW started having fits. I explained the problem to Joe. He knew what the problem was and set about making sure of the trouble and reparing it. I only wish I had a guy like Joe where I live because most of the shops in my area don't stand up to his quality. Joe worked with me to keep the repairs reasonable and cost effective. Such a breath of fresh air. My BMW runs prefectly now. Thanks so much Joe

    2001 BMW x5
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  • David Baker4 years ago

    Great service and care. Called with repair quote and prompt service on the quote. I will bring my car back when it needs service again.

    2001 BMW 525i
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  • Elizabeth Woolstenhulme4 years ago

    Top notch! Joe, Cindy and Tracy are true professionals. Great work, honest people, and reasonable pricing.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Carson5 years ago

    I have to hand it to Joe at Desert Bavarian, I recently bought a 1989 BMW e30 and we took it to this place for a tranmission job. He was willing to work with us and he did a wonderful job on the car, it runs great! Good place to go if you want to avoid taking your BMW to a dealership.

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  • Blake5 years ago

    Very timely! Very nice and honest! I have a 2001 530i and he has helped me with all repairs. I would recommend him any day!

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  • Candice Davis7 years ago

    We bought a 1990 BMW 325i convertible and wasn't sure what it was going to need. We've never owned a BMW before and knew it could be expensive to fix. We took it to Desert BMW for a once over and he charged $50 for his fee, and even fixed a few things for free. He gave us a straight quote for what he thought the car needed--nothing more. He is the most honest mechanic I know. I wish he fixed other types of cars! He is a one man operation, so you got to be patient with him. He may not get back to you as fast as big companies do (it took us almost a week to get our car back), but you will get quality work for an honest price!

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  • SUSANNE S.7 years ago

    Joe at Desert BMW is the best!! After getting quotes from dealers I took my 745i to Joe. He is honest and did great work....and he saved me about $1000. He does only want is needed without adding more and more. Also, he doesn't treat me differently or add more to the bill... because I am a woman. Most shops think we gals don't know anything. Ladies, take your BMW to Joe!! He is respectful and totally trustworthy! I have referred many friends to him which I will only do when I know someone is really good!

    Thanks Joe!

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  • Ryan7 years ago

    Desert BMW provides excellent, timely service. Desert BMW is honest, upfront with reasonable pricing. I have been to many independent BMW speciliast both in Phoenix and the Midwest. I would highly recommend Desert BMW.

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