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10631 N Cave Creek Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85020 US
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2 Reviews

  • B. Smith
    B. Smith7 years ago

    This was my insurance company's pick, and it worked out well. They worked with the insurance co and the rental co well. And they fixed my door good as new, when they said, and even washed my car. How could I complain

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Chris
    Chris8 years ago

    Unknowledgeable Audi Mechanic – RIP OFF! LIARS!

    I took my 2005 Audi A6 into this shop for a Parking Brake Malfunction light and was a little hesitant to take it somewhere other than the Audi dealership. When I dropped the car off, Dan (the owner) reassured me and said that “they could do anything on my car that the Audi dealership could.” Two days and $200 later I get an invoice/statement that says to bring the car into the Audi dealership to get fixed when the warning light comes back on. Dan says that he can’t work on safety equipment on the car (brakes, airbags, etc), so he lied directly to my face when I first dropped the car off. I tried to get my money refunded, but he will not budge at all since he states he did the “work” on the car although nothing was actually fixed. Horrible customer service! He says it’s an easy software update with Audi on the Parking Brake, and that was his (paid for) diagnosis. And sure enough when I bring it to the dealership, it has absolutely nothing to do with what he had diagnosed; it ended up being a faulty ABS module.

    I’m not sure if all of these positive reviews are fake or not (how could every single review give perfect 5 stars – no way), but I can’t see how anyone could be happy with this guy/business. Unless you want a thief, a liar, and a lousy mechanic with no customer service skills, then the Import Car Corner is for you. Hopefully, this review will save at least one person from going there.

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