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BMW service center serving Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe and Mesa, AZ. BIMRS member.

6 Reviews

  • Todd Zuercher
    Todd Zuercher4 months ago

    I first met Duane and Pike back in 2007 when I went to look at a BMW 318is I had for sale. I ended up buying the car from them and then went to them for service on that car and the next 3 BMWs that I owned. They were always very fair with me, treated me with respect, and most importantly, did great work on the cars! When I was involved in a wreck with one of my cars, Duane was very helpful with me in getting the car out of an impound yard and then helped swap some of the parts from that car to the next one that I owned. I've sent a number of people to them in the intervening years and they had good experiences as well. Although I haven't owned a BMW for several years now, I still recommend them highly!

    1991 BMW 318is
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  • John McKittrick
    John McKittrick6 years ago

    Duane & Pike are great! I bought a used 740 iL & have taken it to them for several issues. A 20 year old car has issues, especially if it hasn't been well maintained. These guys alway laid out options & cost to me. I asked them to care for my car as if it were there's. I'll keep coming back!

    1994 BMW 740iL
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  • Haken
    Haken9 years ago

    Very poor customer service. Manager Duane Messing is rude and very arrogant, despite me spending serious money with them, they treated me poorly. They are very very overpriced on all of their parts. I would not recommend this place, also they are located in very bad area.

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  • Jeff
    Jeff9 years ago

    SCR was recomended to me by a co-worker and Man am I thankful. I went there with some used parts and they told me the facts that what I had would not fit on my car.

    They focus on what the concern is with the car and do NOT try to upsell more service or parts that do not fit into your complaint, or what you came to them for.

    If you own a BMW go see SCR they will take care of you. No matter what kind of custom swpa car you have, if it is true BMW machine they can handle it!

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  • bimmer guy
    bimmer guy10 years ago

    These guys are AWESOME!!!! THE most honest shop I've ever dealt with! They have done thousands in work for me and have always treated me fairly and with honor, which is rare in this day! I will never take my car to any other shop. If you own a BMW and take it to anyone else you're an IDIOT!

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  • Margaret
    Margaret10 years ago

    I hate giving away "best kept" secrets, but here goes. This place is a lifesaver! The guys are great, even to female customers, and the help and service are awesome. I am a BMW enthusiast and like most of us cost is always a factor when working on a new project, or when considering a new purchase.

    These guys are honest, helpful and quick. I have owned 4 bimmers in my life and now I'm passing that love onto my son, a newly licensed driver, who is taking on an '88 735. This will be his "baby" and without the guys at SCR I never would have considered it as an option. I know they will take good care of him and his "baby".

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