Mary Kay Adds BMW 320i to Incentive Car Program

Published 10 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Mary Kay Adds BMW 320i to Incentive Car Program

Mary Kay Adds BMW 320i to Incentive Car Program
Photo Credit: Mary Kay

We’ve all seen those famous Mary Kay pink Cadillacs on the road. Mary Kay’s timeless pink Cadillac has been a symbol of achievement and success, since introduced in 1969, for top selling consultants. Now you may start seeing more black BMWs on the highways with Mary Kay sales consultants behind the wheel.

At a recent leadership conference, cosmetic company Mary Kay announced the addition of the black BMW 320i to its arsenal of cars to choose from for top-selling consultants. “The Ultimate Driving Machine” will replace the Ford Mustang as choice vehicle in the Mary Kay Career Car program.

Vice President of U.S. Marketing for Mary Kay Inc. Sara Friedman said, “When you think of BMW you think of sophistication, luxury, safety and class but overall, you think of performance.” Friedman goes on to say, "These traits align beautifully with Mary Kay. By adding the BMW 320i to the Mary Kay Career Car program, we are providing a new kind of elegance and style to the top-performing independent beauty consultants while inspiring them to achieve new goals in their Mary Kay businesses.”

Pretty neat and exciting stuff for BMW. And, sounds like quite the incentive and inspiration to me!

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