BMW Transmission Care – Transmission Troubles to Watch Out For

Published 9 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Watch out for signs of transmission problems.

Watch out for signs of transmission problems.
Photo Credit: Eric Kornblum

Neglecting proper transmission care will cause problems in the future. The longer you drive with a transmission problem, the worse the problem is going to get. Period.

While there are ways to prolong the life of your transmission in your BMW, sometimes things come up and troubles cannot be avoided.

Jonathan Mestayer, owner of European Auto Motors in Doral, FL., says that there are certain transmission signs you may notice, that you simply cannot ignore because they can develop into real, costly repairs. These signs include:

  • Rough Shifting: If you feel like the gears aren’t smooth while shifting and it simply refuses to shift properly, then you probably have a transmission problem. If this is the case, have your transmission fluid checked and an examination of the shift cables and clutch linkage.
  • Slippage: If you notice that you’re popping out of gears, a delay in acceleration or coasting, or feel a “slipping” sensation, then you probably have a transmission slip problem. This can be quite dangerous and you should take your BMW to the shop pronto.
  • Dragging Clutch: Often heard with a grinding noise, a dragging clutch happens when the driver attempts to shift gears and fails because the clutch is still spinning along with the engine.
  • Overheating: Lubrication is lost at higher temperatures, so heavy towing and stop and go traffic in hot temps are major culprits for overheating. You may even smell burning transmission fluid if your BMW is overheating. Have the fluid level checked—and make sure it’s not leaking—and changed if needed.
  • Clunking & Whining Noises: Whether you have an automatic or manual, hearing these sounds can be troublesome. To be safe, it’s best to have your local independent BMW service shop try to replicate the sound and identify the best course of action for the problem.

By paying attention to how the car drives, sounds and smells, you can address any possible transmission problems. If you notice any, have your local BMW repair shop or BMW transmission shop take a look.

A special thanks to Jonathan Mestayer at European Auto Motors in Doral, FL for his help in preparing this article.

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