Apple Valley Auto Pros

18285 US Highway 18,
Apple Valley, CA 92307 US
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European Auto Repair in the Victor Valley.

Local, family owned business since 1978.

Next day, special order factory parts available for the do-it-yourself customer.

4 Reviews

  • Mary Archer5 years ago

    I am an 83 year old woman and have depended entirely upon Auto Pros for the past three years. They have done everything for me and have never charged me for one cent more than I could see a reason for. I trust them enough to convince my daughter to drive 100 miles to have them check her car. The owners treat me like their own family and have infinite patience with my stupidity. I really like them!!!

    2006 BMW 335i
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  • Bryan6 years ago

    I had my car towed to their shop. I called and was told that I would be informed what was wrong before they start. I called the BMW dealer in Riverside and told them what the problem was with the ignition. I was told that it would take a hour labor to fix it. At Apple Valley Auto Pros. I never recieved a call or a quote and close to the end of the day we were told that it was donre and it took 2 hours to put two wires on. There was nothing to dissamble and for what was done I could have done it myself in less than a half hour. I just thought there was more to be done. There manager told me that I am lucky that they didnt replace more things and then just said that it didnt work..... on there website it says "We pride our selves on integrity, professionalism, and honesty! We won't sell you things that you don't need." Really?????

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    joaquin6 years ago


    I beg to differ with you on your comment, first off any, one out there call Savage BMW and ask how much they charge for a repair on a ignition dws key transmitter that a customer tweeked on. The transmitter was put togather with wire nuts and speaker wire.. Come on Bryan that is what we call in the high desert tweaker status. the stering colum was taken apart and screws missing. any one who has been to the dealer knows that they do not patch togather any thing. they would have sold you a new trasmitter and would have charged you for.. first a diagnostic at over $100 per hour then the transmitter at a cost of $200 then to put back the parts you took apart.AT LEAST $200. You called me a thief,, well you are truley a lier.. you towed the car in because it did not run. because you TWEEKED IT. what was the cost for you to tow it to Savage BMW ?? you tried to TWEEK it with the wire nuts and speaker wire and it did now work. we had to first figure out what you TWEEKED then find the most cost effective way to get you back on the road and we soldered your TWEEK JOB and got you back on the road for only $190 SHAME ON YOU FOR BEING A TWEEKER AND SHAME ON YOU FOR SAYING WHAT YOU HAVE SAID TO ME MY STAFF AND THIS FORUM. if any one out there can get this tweek job at SAVAGE BMW FOR LESS THAN WHAT WE CHARGED I WILL GIVE YOU THE MONEY HE PAID FOR THE SERVICE WE PROVIDED. OUR PHONE NUMBER IS 760-242-2001 OR 760-245-6665 AND ASK FOR JOAQUIN OR IAN... Bye the way...IF YOU COULD HAVE REPAIRED IT IN A HALF HOUR WHY DIDNT YOU? YOU HAD IT TOWED IN. I HOPE YOUR MOTHER DOES NOT KNOW YOUR ON THE TWEEK SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • seanu7 years ago

    Apple Valley Auto Pros has been a blessing to me, and my familey. Our 2008 BMW 750I had a leak in the engine oil cooler. We had it towed to there shop. They had connections for rental cars and we were headed on our way to Vegas in no time.We got a deal on a rental and they repaired only what was wrong with our car.We stoped by o our way back droped off the rental at Apple Valley Auto Pros, paid our bill got our car and despite our demise we had one of the best Vegas trips ever!! Thank you APPLE VALLEY AUTO PROS!

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  • hector gomez8 years ago

    I think that Joaquin and Amber at Apple Valley Auto Pros In Apple Valley California are the most honest and careing people in the valley I took my car to the dealer alternative and got a quote for a water pump that I did not need. Joaquin diagnosed my car and come to find out that there were only 6 hose clamps loose and the heater core was leaking. Thanks to Joaquin Amber and the whole Guajardo Familey i got my car repaired for hundreds less and they only repaired what was needed and did not sell me parts and jobs just to make money. honest and friendly Thank you apple valley auto pros!!!

    sincerly Hector Gomez from Hesperia ca

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