Chino Hills Auto Haus

5260 Las Flores Drive # D,
Chino, CA 91710 US
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German auto repair in Chino, CA. BMW repair specialists!

2 Reviews

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson8 years ago

    Sorry, but "Margie's" rant is pretty much full of it. Just read what she says, she tells them to STOP and not flush the brake fluid, then complains that it had not been done. One of those customers that no one wants.

    When my BMWs go off warranty, I always take them to this shop. The one thing said above actually is true, Basil and team usually charge about 1/2 what the dealership wants. I have had brakes, filters and computer issues all done by these guys and always very happy. My 5 series is coming off warranty, and I will be going here again!

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  • Margie
    Margie9 years ago

    Be warned! I brought my X3 here for service when I found out that the warranty at the dealership I normally go to has expired. The dealership said that I had to change all pads and rotors for $1,500! CHAH quoted me about half that price so I naturally agreed for them to do it. I missed the call the next morning for the update, so I tried calling back... the rest of the morning! CHAH recognizes this problem but neglects to correct it. In the meantime, I had to just wait for a call and update, while I get bothered by this all day at work. Finally, I was told that the brake fluid of the car needed to be flushed, plus other things which will add over $400 to the repair. I then decided that something's wrong and had them stop whatever's been done and I want out. My car was not ready the next day as originally told. I had to wait the next afternoon to retrieve my car and brought it to another shop (just found out that the original trusted mechanic we always go to also repairs BMW!). He said that CHAH did change the pads and rotors but did not flush the brake fluid like I was told. He also said that the car is fine without the other things that CHAH was recommending to do. In short, aside from the communication problem, there's definitely the dishonesty issue going on. Again, you have been warned!

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