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738 W. San Marcos Blvd. #106,
San Marcos, CA 92078 US
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German auto repair in San Marcos, CA. BMW service and maintenance.

Star AutoHaus is dedicated to providing customers and their vehicles with the highest quality service at a fair price. It is committed to the German tradition of quality auto work performed by trained, experienced and professional technicians. We're committed to fixing your car right, standing behind our work, and providing customers with value for their money. Nothing less will do. That is what we mean by "Quality German AutoKraft".

2 Reviews

  • Nelson Rios
    Nelson Rios7 years ago

    I previously owned a 2003 325Ci that I would regularly have serviced at Jerry's shop Star Autohaus. The service and knowledge available at Jerry's shop is without question and without equal. Anytime I had any problems I had with my vehicle Jerry and the guys would fix in a cost effective and timely manner. When I returned home from my last deployment, I had to have my car towed to Jerry's because of the shape it was in from sitting for the duration of my deployment. I had the car dropped off and within a day Jerry called me back and let me know all that he wanted to fix, not because he was gonna make anymore money, but because the car needed it. Jerry and his team are the only guys I ever trusted with my car from oil changes to advanced engine work.

    I recently traded in that car for a 2008 335i and will be making a 2 HOUR drive just to drop my car off with Jerry to have it tuned up, even though there is a highly rated BMW shop in my town of Victorville, CA. Never once have I worried about the condition of my vehicle after it came back from Jerry's shop. I also want to acknowledge Jerry's team, he has the best of the best and they will take the necessary steps to ensure that your performance European vehicle runs like it is supposed to.

    2003 BMW 335i
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  • Jeff Youhas
    Jeff Youhas8 years ago

    Just serviced my wife's car. It started out good. Dropped the car off at 9:15am and Jerry drove my wife to work about 2 miles away. Then it went bad. Jerry called about 4pm, after just an oil change, kinda of long to wait. My wife had a meeting until 5pm and she asked if he could stay for no later than 15 minutes after closing. She got there at 5:06pm and the place was closed and locked up. My wife's car was out front unlocked and there was no key to be found anywhere in the car, tried to call Jerry and no answer, she left messages to call her back. My wife was left stranded, no phone call and no way to get home. She called a friend to get her and bring her home. Had to call Jerry the next morning and he apologized. Wife picked up the car and we had to pay full price for the oil change. He apologized to my wife but that was it. So to recap no call back, car left outside unlocked, and just an apology. What a flake, Jerry I will never get my service done there again, and I will tell everyone about my negative experience.

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    Jerry Dunford8 years ago

    We did the oil change , we also told the customer in the morning to leave The car with us because we had a lot of work this day.

    The car was finished at 3 pm we called the customer to came and pick up.

    The costumer told us she will be there by 5 pm

    we waited until 5;30 pm but she did not show,we left her a message to pick up her car in the morning.

    we locked the car and closed the shop.

    Jerry apologized to the customer

    was he suppost to give them the service for free???

    We don't need Customers like this.

    Do we have any rights as a small business???

    We do the best we can to give the Customer good Service.

    J D