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At Bavarian Motors, we offer honest service by a factory trained technician. We specialize in BMW, Audi, and VW, and we're experienced with Mini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and the rest of the European lines. We make sure that the job is done right, using OEM or better parts and full synthetic fluids.

We offer a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty on all work performed, and have now extended that offer to a 24 month, 24 thousand mile warranty, backed by North America Nationwide Warranty, that includes roadside assistance service, keeping you covered while on the road.

"I take pride in my work, and it shows in the quality you get and the respect I have for your vehicle. You want your car to last, and the best way to ensure that is to properly maintain it. At Bavarian Motors, we can take care of all your maintenance and repairs. We'll keep your vehicle driving the way it did when you first got behind the wheel."
-- Chris Bruun, Owner/Head Tech, Bavarian Motors


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Meet Our Team

  • Chris Bruun

    Owner & Master Technician

    Chris, the owner and Master Technician, started off as a factory trained BMW technician working at the dealerships.

    After a very short while he realized that dealerships wasn't the place for him. He has since worked in multiple independent shops and has expanded his knowledge base to include Audi and VW as a specialty. During this time he has also become more and more familiar with the rest of the European vehicles as well.

12 Reviews

  • Britt
    Britt4 years ago

    I am an experienced mechanic but now permanently disabled. I observed Bavarian Motors skillfully trying to charge me for multiple non-required repairs.

    The original and only problem that brought me to Bavarian Motors was overheating at idle on my BMW 550i. I had personally replaced the coolant expansion tank a few days earlier and I told Bavarian Motors that air bubbles in the cooling system just needed to be bled out to fix the overheating issue. I just didn't have the time or energy to bleed the cooling system myself. They said they would diagnosis it and let me know.

    Tuesday 8/1/17: They charged me $67.50 which was a fair amount to diagnose the problem and said it had a failed water pump & failed thermostat. (They also said I needed an oil change & a new brake vacuum pump gasket ... even though my brakes worked perfectly) I am very sick and fighting a severe type of Multiple Sclerosis so it was just easier to let them replace these parts. The cost was $1,404.00 and I picked up my car the next day Wednesday 8/2/17. After driving about 20mi my BMW overheated and went into "limp mode" stranding me on the highway during heavy Friday 8/5/17 rush hour traffic. I had to get a $400 tow back to Bavarian Motors. Sadly the overheating problem was clearly not fixed at all.

    Monday 8/8/17: Bavarian Motors then said that the problem was definitely a fried fan relay. I let them replace it but for some unknown reason it took them 2-3 days to complete the work. Again this repair did not fix the overheating problem.

    Tuesday 8/9/17: Bavarian Motors then said the problem was a significantly leaky upper radiator hose (I started getting suspicious because they never mentioned any leaky hoses upon their initial diagnosis 5 days earlier)

    The owner then tried to sell me on replacing the electric fan for an additional $1,200. He insisted the fan was fried. What he didn't know is that I already tested the electric fan last week and it functioned flawlessly. This was the tipping point where I realized I was either being misled or they were incompetent.

    When I pointed out their fraudulent recommendations they seemed shocked that I actually knew what I was talking about. They eventually refunded $638.62 for the water pump/thermostat labor. In total, I still spent $1,165.38. ($765.38 to Bavarian +$400 tow). After a week in their shop my BMW was no different than the day I drove it in there.....still overheating.

    I also really question whether the oil change & brake vacuum pump gasket (that I didn't request but they up-sold me on) were even needed. I even asked for the old parts to be returned but they could not produce them.

    My BMW is now fixed.. The electric fan was not the problem. The cooling system just needed to have air bubbles bled out as I originally told them. Once this was completed the overheating problem was gone.

    There is a specific coolant bleeding process for BMW's that Bavarian Motors was unaware of.......because they are not factory trained mechanics as they advertise.

    Yes, their mechanics are NOT factory trained as they advertise. I know this because I spoke with their young female Asian mechanic who was hired there less than two years ago and she told me she had no formal automotive training at all. When she was hired, the owner, Chris Bruun, told her if she knows "lefty loosey righty tighty" then she qualifies to be a mechanic there. Her only prior auto repair experience was working on her brothers car.

    Every auto repair experience is different and they do have some good reviews out there but I truly wonder how many of those customers actually ever knew they were probably overcharged for extra unneeded repairs.

    Buyer beware, ask questions and go inspect recommended repairs with your own eyes before approving or paying for repairs. Make sure to collect the old parts.

    I should give them 5 Stars on this review for their ability to mislead and up-sell their customers.

    2007 BMW 550i
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    AHSAN RAZA5 years ago

    I came into Chris shop to get an oil change, he did a professional job and told me about other problems. the dreaded oil leak BMW is famous for hit me. He gave me the options and time needed to repair and I put the repair into my budget. He is starting the repair this Thursday and I am leaving for Cheyenne on Saturday . Trust, he has my trust, he's and ex marine and I am Vietnam vet, need I say more!

    2011 BMW 328ix
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  • Teca Webber
    Teca Webber6 years ago

    Great shop! I found this place on bimmerfest after paying way higher prices at the dealership. I needed some maintenance done and Chris found a few other things that he was straight forward about and recommended a priority of items that needed attention first. There was even a mishap during one repair that he was honest about and covered the cost AND the rental car. He knows his stuff...once I thought I needed a new fog light and Chris explained to me how they work and saved me money instead of taking advantage. You want good work by someone who specializes in BMW's, is honest and fair pricing come to this shop!

    2008 BMW X5
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  • Terrie Azzariti
    Terrie Azzariti7 years ago

    My 97 Z3 was leaking something, looked like and smelled like oil. I was in a panic, I was referred to Bavarin Motors, and so glad I listened and took my car right in. They ran a diagnoatics and lo and behold it was the coolant in my car. Someone added plain water to top off the coolant. When Chris drained the radiator, it looked like old "chocolate milk". Needless to say I was very lucky not to have a blown head gasket. I highly recommended Barvarian Motors! They answered all my questions and were very honest. No one other than Bavarin Motors will ever work on my pride & joy BMW again! Thank you guys for an awesome job! The bottom line for me was the price of service, very reasonable!

    1997 BMW Z3 Roadster
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  • Garry Byers
    Garry Byers8 years ago

    I had a suspicious suspension problem that I couldn't get fixed at other places. I took my X5 to Chris, he worked his magic. Straight forward, tell it like it is and get the job done. All with a reasonable price and quick turn around. Great job.

    2005 BMW X5
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  • Shawn Heaney
    Shawn Heaney8 years ago

    Anyone can go to a mechanic once,, it takes a quality mechanic that specializes in BMW’s to go twice. Chris fixed my BMW that I had recently purchased from a dealer. No ands, if’s or Buts,,it was fixed properly, on budget and I have not had a single issue with what he fixed since.

    Now that I am having new issues I am about to reach out to Chris again!

    Chris, it is Shawn from Aurora, I will be calling you today!

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Jordan
    Jordan8 years ago

    I brought my 2006 BMW 325xi into Bavarian for an estimate after my "4x4"and "ABS" indicator lights came on. Shannon and Chris very nice and accommodating with my situation, making sure to fully explain exactly what the problem was in detail and provide accurate and cost-effective options on how to fix the issue. After the inspection was complete it was determined that the issue was with the motor actuator and potentially the entire transfer case. They quoted me a fair and competitive price and were honest about the job. Instead of quoting me for the entire transfer case (which is substantially more expensive), they zeroed in on the real issue, which was the motor actuator and fairly assessed that price, which was extremely helpful and made my decision to choose them do the job easy.

    I would 100% recommend Bavarian Motors to any potential customers!

    2006 BMW 325xi
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  • Hector
    Hector8 years ago

    SOLID. Seriously, I trust Chris. I took my wife's car for some work and he made sure I understood what was wrong. He showed me all the parts that were replaced and explained why versus just tossing them. It can be expensive to keep up a BMW, but his pricing is also GREAT! I paid 40% less than my quote from "the BWM Leader in Denver". Thanks. I'd take my mom's car there!

    2001 BMW 323i
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  • Steve T
    Steve T8 years ago

    Chris is a guy you can trust. He is professional and did a great job. I would recomend his shop to a friend. I like going there because you'll know who is working on your car.

    2002 BMW 530i
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  • Mel
    Mel9 years ago

    I'll never forget the first time I contacted Chris to help me troubleshoot a few issues with my later model BMW. Chris was on a test drive with another vehicle, yet he managed to correctly assess my problem, which was further confirmed on a follow-up visit to the shop. Chris is a top-notch mechanic who has the rare gift of technical competence, coupled with a passion for BMW and a curiosity to look "beyond the obvious" to ensure accurate and financially responsible repair service. Bavarian Motors has convinced me that the "best-in-class" service still resides with the dedication of the independent master technician.

    1996 BMW 318is
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  • Hugh
    Hugh9 years ago

    Honesty.....Honesty.....Honesty. We all cringe when we have to go a mechanic. You will not have that worry with Chris. He will be very honest about what you will need and not try to rake you over the coals to make money. There was a lot of things I thought I needed and instead of making the sale and costing me money, Chris was very honest and upfront with me about what my bimmer needed.

    I have a 2007 525I and it had developed a rough idle when at a red light or in park. Went to the Dealership and was told that the car was fine and within specs. Went to another independent mech and same response, fine and within specs. Went to Chris and as soon as he started it up he said that it wasn't right. He did some trouble shooting and couldn't figure it out. Indeed his diagnostics showed that the car was running great with no pending codes. The next morning I get a call from Chris and he told me that he thought he had figured it out from a lot of research he had been doing that night (wow the guy was finding the problem and I wasn't even suppose to come back!) Went back to Chris and my very rough idle was fixed with a $78 part for the exhaust! No labor was even charged for the removal and install because I had paid for the diagnostic.

    Here we have a guy who found the problem and fixed it when the so called experts at the dealership said there was no problem and another independent, who also claimed to be an expert, said the same. Chris has earned my return business for my bimmer and my other cars. I highly recommend him.

    2007 BMW 525I
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  • Roman Broker
    Roman Broker9 years ago

    Friendly, Knowledgeable, Professional, and Honest

    My Vehicle: 2000 BMW 328Ci

    Would I recommend this business to a friend or family? Yes, I would even recommend this business to a random person on the street. This is the best mechanic you are going to find in town, stop reading this review and bring your vehicle in now. Chris will make you a happy, life long customer in one visit. I know he made one out of me.

    My Story:

    Chris, owner and operator of Bavarian Motors LLC, is one of the best mechanics and business owners I have had the pleasure of doing business with. I originally went in to have two services appraised, but ended up have both of the services done because of Chris's exceptional & reasonable rates. I was able to have both services done. This was unexpected for me because I had a quote from the dealer for the same work, only they wanted to charge me double the amount that Chris was offering. Another thing that is different with Chris is that he is much more open about everything and I didn't get the feeling of being tossed around. I didn't have to wait in a room while some suit calculated the up-charges that they were going to ask me to pay. Chris worked with me to make sure my experience was a comfortable one.

    Also, through my experience with Chris of Bavarian Motors LLC, I found that he was very honest and up front with everything. He always called to keep me up to date with the progress of my car. When I needed an extra hose during my engine oil separator service he called before beginning the service to make sure that the extra part cost was okay with me. After getting approval to continue he finished the service. He was able to replace not only my engine oil separator but able changed out my shift shaft seal on the automatic transmission all within the same day which was a full day earlier than he had originally quoted me.

    He not only did a fantastic job on my scheduled maintenance but Chris also told me a couple things about my vehicle that I didn't know before. For example, Chris informed me that with my particular model's transmission with learn my driving style and adjust its self to fit.

    A huge plus is that my car was put inside for storage while not being worked on.

    2000 BMW 238CI
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