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BMW service in Sheridan, CO. By appointment only, so we can provide the attention you deserve. Serving Sheridan, Centennial, Littleton, Englewood, Parker, Aurora, Lakewood and Denver with expert BMW repair.

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6 Reviews

  • Chris
    Chris3 years ago

    Sergey is an amazing mechanic. He is thorough and professional. I highly recommend him.

    2001 Volkswagen Passat
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  • David
    David6 years ago

    Sergey is an incredible mechanic and outstanding guy. I had a few different issues with my car one summer and he was very quick and effective. Every time I came back to pick my car up, he would physically show me the broken parts and explain to me exactly what he had done, which kept me from feeling like I was in the dark. When one of the replacement parts he used proved to be faulty, he honored his warranty and replaced it again quickly and without charging me. When I called him from the side of the road he was helpful walking me through what I needed to do and was even willing to come pick me up. I would highly recommend him as an excellent European Autoworks mechanic.

    2001 BMW
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  • Mark Rudolf
    Mark Rudolf6 years ago

    I couldn't be more happy with my experience with European Autoworks. Sergey really knows these cars and spent a lot of time walking me through my new (used)X3. I had just purchased the vehicle and had a Service Engine light come on. He diagnosed the issue and recommended only what needed to be fixed. There were a couple of other alerts that came up but he thought these were only symptoms of the same issue. He was right and the car has been driving great ever since. I also know a lot more about the car and what to expect over the next 30,000 miles. I will definitely be taking my car to him for the 100,000 mile service.

    As a one-man shop, you know you will be getting his 25+ years of experience on every repair. He was even able to work me in on the same day. I am so glad I was able to find him on the Internet.

    2004 BMW X3
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  • Emmil Gaucher
    Emmil Gaucher6 years ago

    I feel very fortunate to have found Sergey with European Autoworks. Sergey assisted my wife and I in the pre-purchase process of our two BMW's ensuring the cars were in good shape with his inspection service. He answers his phone, responds immediately to your questions, and has been very reliable. It's so nice to deal with an individual and not a dealership who is looking to to rip you off at every turn, especially when dealing with a vehicle such as BMW. As a professional, Sergey is very knowledgeable and it only takes once seeing him in action to verify that his expertise is second to none. As a person, he is one of the nicest individuals you can meet, very honest and trustworthy. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to write this review and I hope anyone with a European car would give Sergey a chance at earning their business.

    2003 BMW 525i
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  • Tony
    Tony7 years ago

    You've probably heard of some horror stories about shady and unproffesional mechanics out there. I've personally been burned once by Meineke (will never go there again) and I've had several friends and family who's been in the same shoes. Like you, knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly, honesty is an absolute requirement for me for a mechanics/technicians. Well, I have finally found one. A month ago, my heated seats, DCS and stereo on my E46 stopped working. I brought it over to local BMW stealership and they were going to charge a ridiculous fee just to diagnose the problem. I declined the service and thought I'd try to hunt for another technician to save a bit of $$. And thank goodness I found one. Sergey with European Autoworks is extremely professional and truly knows his stuff. With background in electrical engineer, he was able to resolve my problem quickly. He was up front about the fees and had no suprises. He explained everything in detail and educated me on other things about my vehicle. Another major plus was his personality. I got along with him off the bat. Overrall, he has earned my business.

    So earlier this week, I received a call from Schomp BMW about a courtesy check up and a free car wash. I took the offer. They asked if there anything specific I wanted them to look at. I did mentioned that I'm hearing a faint whistling while driving. It wasn't my brakes because it would only occur when I'm accelerating. They performed their test and came to a conclusion that the problem was the DISA flap seal was leaking and rattling. They gave me another riduculous estimate and I immediately declined it. Later that afternoon, I took the vehicle back to Sergey. Later that week, he performed his own diagnostic (the proper diagnostic) and found it wasn't the DISA flap. It was simply a worn out boot that was torn. This part was literally only $16 and with labor, I saved so much $$.

    I am extremely happy with European Autoworks and would highly recommend Sergey's service to any of my friends and family.

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  • Terrance
    Terrance7 years ago

    I just wanted to let everyone out there know how great my car is running thanks to European Autoworks. I have been trying to get the issues with my car taken care of for almost a year and it's so great to know I have finaly found a competent technician outside of the BMW dealership. European Autoworks has earend my return business and I am one saticfied customer.

    Thanks Again!

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