Mondino Imports

305 Juanita Street # East,
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 US
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Since 1991 we have been carig for European high-performance cars. Our factory-trained technicians, coupled with the most modern of electronic diagnostic tools, enable us to solve any vehicle problem, simple to complex.

2 Reviews

  • Claudia
    Claudia 2 years ago

    I've lived in several different states and I can tell you with much disappointment that I have not had many pleasant auto repair experiences, especially here in Colorado. Mondino Imports is the first place I have trusted without hesitation. When I first called, I spoke with Anthony who took the time to discuss (at length) how they operate, what he suggests, and what to expect. I then brought in my 2003 325i to get thoroughly checked out because I'm going to give it to my young niece. Anthony and his staff were great. I was told exactly what the issues were and how much each would cost---down to the last penny. He also told me which issues weren't necessary at all. Lastly, there were no last-minute surprises that they 'just found out about.' The car sounds strong and is running great. I highly, highly recommend Mondino Imports to anyone who is sick and tired of getting ripped-off by other repair shops. And if other shops are reading this, here's my message to you: THIS is how you run a business, THIS is how you treat customers, and THIS is how you keep customers. Thanks for the great experience, Anthony.

    2003 BMW 325i
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  • Adam Stewart
    Adam Stewart7 years ago

    Probably the best independent shop in Colorado Springs for anyone needing work done to their BMW. Everyone I've dealt with at the shop has been very polite, very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. That's a very rare combination to find in most any repair shop. I still need some more work done on my beast but rest assured I'll be returning to have it done here.

    1995 BMW 540i
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