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823 W 4th Street,
Pueblo, CO 81003 US
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Import car repair serving Pueblo, Canon City and Colorado Springs, CO.

3 Reviews

  • Ken G.
    Ken G.1 month ago

    This place was great. Two days before Xmas, we were on a trip passing through Colorado when our BMW X3 lost power and gave us an "drive train warning, may not have full power, drive at reduced speed." We were in Lamar, CO where nobody could do the work. We limped toward Pueblo, on the way we called Pueblo Imports on 4th St and they said come on in. We arrived at the shop at about 11:15 am. They diagnosed the problem (bad coil), went out to get the part, and installed it -- before lunch! They did the work about five times faster and for half the price I would have experienced at my BMW dealer! They were very professional and friendly.

    2017 BMW X3
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  • Roger Clemons
    Roger Clemons3 years ago

    We had a significant "Engine Fault" indication come on our vehicle's display panel as we were leaving Pueblo Co on a recent cross country trip. Judging the very rough and erratic engine run condition, and having a fair amount of engine knowledge, we decided to have the car towed to Pueblo Imports rather than risk causing more potential damage if the engine timing chain had slipped or other similar issue. Upon arrival the Pueblo team immediately connected the car to their BMW diagnostic equipment. Many faults appeared and since it was the end of the day we made arrangements to stay overnight. The owners wife actually took us to the hotel, which was much appreciated. The next day, after removal of a number of covers and braces that allowed better access, they found that a large vacuum line had come loose. This was secured by their team, and we were happily on our way the next day. The charge for the work was reasonable, and the owner's wife picked us up from the hotel, again above the call of duty. We felt we received excellent support throughout this process. Thank you Pueblo Imports!

    2013 BMW X5
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  • Peggy
    Peggy 3 years ago

    Great service! Very nice and friendly employees! Highly recommend!

    2012 BMW X 3
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