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Lakewood, CO 80214 US
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ScandiaTek has been serving the Denver Metro Area since 1980 for one reason... you. Sure, like most good BMW shops, we have the equipment, skills, and fair pricing... but in the end it's the customer that decides if we are worthy of their business.

Over the years we have purposely chosen to remain small and personal because we have noticed that too many shops that become successful, become large, and when they do, the customers often become lost in the numbers.

We have loaners for your convenience. We are VERY thorough in our inspections so that you have ALL the information you need to make good decisions... but most importantly, we do not play head-games which is so common in this industry.

We are very proud of the fact that most of our customers are women because of the way we treat them.

With all that said, in the end, it is still impossible to put in writing what good service is. You must try us out and judge for yourself.

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