Helmut's Foreign Car Service

177 Bridgeport Avenue,
Milford, CT 6460 US
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2 Reviews

  • Ray7 months ago

    Bob and his shop seem good until a problem arises with his work. I have had my car serviced there a number of times and recommended a couple friends before things went south. My impression was OK until he needed to do the valve cover gasket job on my father in law's 550i three times. Come to find out, after he blamed the parts, I was told by another shop they never set the half moons properly. After these incidents my experience has been wrought with serious misdiagnosis and getting charged three times the book rate to do small jobs. (With bob not even showing his face when I'm handed the bill.). After $1000 of charges I never should have incurred , either due to incompetence or trying to make back money from their mistakes on previous jobs, I will never be back again.

    2006 BMW M6
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  • Mark Taylor3 years ago

    Great repair shop. Very knowledgable and responsible. Highly recommend.

    2004 BMW 330i
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