Common Repairs on the BMW X5 Series - E53 First Generation

Initial design of the BMW E53 X5 started in 1994 right after BMW acquired the popular Land Rover company. It was patterned after the tough, off-road Range Rover, but with the style and sophistication of a BMW. They called it a Sport Activity Vehicle, rather than a Sport Utility Vehicle, and sold it throughout the United States from 1999-2006. Here are some common problems found within these popular Bimmers:

Cooling Leaks: The warning light will illuminate when the coolant is low, but if you fill the coolant and the warning light stays on, it is a sign of a bigger problem. Have a trusted BMW service specialist take a look.

Transfer Case: Some X5 E53s with the xDrive all-wheel-drive system had issues with the transfer case, resulting in drivetrain noise or malfunction.

Window Regulators: In some Bimmers the window may drop fast or get stuck in the open or closed position. It will also make grinding or clunking noises.

Door Handle Issues: Some owners reported issues with exterior door handles, where they may become loose or fail to open the door properly.

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