BMW e60 5 Series Sun Roof Malfunction

From model years 2004 to 2010, the BMW e60 five-series was one of the best selling luxury cars in America. This is due to their reputation for high-performance, great handling, state-of-the-art technology, and some of the most beautiful interiors of all luxury vehicles. One popular option among these BMWs was the sun roof. Unfortunately, some sun roof seals in the e60 5-series tend to fail, which turns out to be quite a common problem.

Drivers have complained about the interior of their e60’s being “drafty” in the winter. They feel a cool breeze even though all the windows are rolled up and the sun roof is closed. This is due to a misaligned or faulty seal on the sun roof. It allows a thin stream of air to enter the vehicle. This could go unnoticed in moderate climates, but in the dead of winter, it can be quite annoying and uncomfortable.

Another issue with the sun roof seal is a “whistling” when traveling at high speeds. This doesn’t happen with all sun roofs but it has been noted by many e60 Bimmer owners, some in high-mileage vehicles and some as early as the first month of ownership. Combined with a cool draft, the whistling can be infuriating, but that’s not the only reason to fix it. If the sun roof seal is not repaired it could get worse and liquid or rain could enter the interior in the future.

There are some DIY solutions on the Internet. However we do not recommend trying to solve this problem yourself, as you could accidentally damage the interior of your Bimmer and end up incurring further expenses. Additionally, this problem could be covered by warranty. Contact your local BMW repair shop to properly fix the sun roof seal.

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