Common Repairs on the BMW e63/e64 6 Series

The e63 and e64 six-series was the second incarnation of the six-series, so the BMW designers gave it a whole new look, as well as an array of new gadgets, bells and whistles. The models included a coupe and a convertible, all with a body style that resembled a shark, and a six-speed engine with plenty of “bite” to go with it. This series ran from model years 2004 to 2011 and continues to be a popular model among buyers and sellers of pre-owned Bimmers. But as with any vehicle, there are some common problems associated with the 6-series. They include:

Steering issues: In some vehicles the Active Steering Fault light will seemingly illuminate for no reason. This could be due to low power steering fluid or possibly a low battery that is resetting the system.

Automatic headlight system malfunction: The automatic headlight system could have problems associated with a faulty battery, but also there may be poor communication between the rain sensor and headlight module.

Red iDrive warnings: Several warnings appear on the LCD display, even though the car is operating fine. This is probably due to the low-battery issues. However, one message to be aware of is the low oil pressure warning, which could actually be due to a leaky oil switch.

Poor transmission shift: The shifting paddles on the steering wheel could malfunction and cause hard or loose shifting, or the paddles could fail completely.

Convertible roof malfunction: The convertible roof may say it is ajar, when it is actually securely in place. Other errors occur which could be due to electronic issues, or a faulty sensor in the top frame.

As mentioned, some of these common problems can be attributed to the battery issues in the 6-series. They have been known to wear down a battery quickly, and a dead or dying batter could cause many seemingly unrelated problems.

We recommend that you also have the vehicle inspected by a professional to pinpoint the exact trouble. A local Bimmer maintenance shop can repair nearly all the common problems found in the e63/e64 six-series. If your vehicle is showing any of these symptoms then contact them today and have it repaired by a professional.

Search for a local, independent BMW repair shop with BMW mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.