BMW e65/e66 7 Series iDrive System Crashing

There were major technological advances in the BMW e65 and e66 seven-series, which was on the American market from 2002-2009. Some of these were safety and performance advancements, but for in-cab entertainment, climate control and navigation, BMW introduced a new version of their iDrive system. Unfortunately, many owners are experiencing common bugs such as the iDrive crashing, losing sound, losing the radio, faulty CD function and more.

Anyone who has driven a BMW knows that it excels in performance, body style, and the in-cab comfort. When any of those factors fail, it diminishes the entire BMW experience. The technological glitches associate with the iDrive vary and nearly all are repairable. Some such bugs include: the CD autochanger clicking or sticking, and not revolving the CDs; the navigation system crashing or pausing; the radio completely losing all functions; and the remote key entry system not responding. It can also lead to network failure and affect the smart phone sync technology.

While some of these problems could be mere annoyances, they could also be dangerous. Being unable to unlock your car remotely or use the mobile phone technology are just two examples. The engine could also be affected, however. In some cases the coolant sensors have malfunctioned and said that the engine was overheating when it was not. There have also been instances of clear loss of power.

Since this is such a complex computerized system, many things can go wrong, but they are not irreparable. Sometimes a reset or replacement of the SIM card can resolve the issues. We recommend visiting a local BMW service shop to use their experience and expertise to accurately pinpoint the problem and solve it using their highly-advanced tools and diagnostic systems.

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