BMW e65/e66 7 Series Steering Wheel Vibrations Over 35 MPH

Introduced in the United States in model year 2002, the BMW e65 and e66 seven-series had a completely new body look from its predecessors. The sleek new style attracted many new buyers to BMW, but was questioned by some traditional enthusiasts. Many of the seven-series are still traversing the roads today, and drivers have continued to discover some common problems. One such problem is that the steering wheel vibrates when the vehicle exceeds 35 to 40 mph.

Drivers have complained of a distinct shimmying or shaking in the steering wheel when the car reaches speeds of 35 mph and above, but not when the vehicle is traveling at slower speeds. In some cases this could be due to wheel misalignment or the wheels being unbalanced. Another cause could be bent rims, or components of the suspension system could be loose or worn, such as the rotors, shocks or struts. However, even drivers who have had these issues repaired, may still experience the shimmying or shaking at higher speeds. It is a problem that should be addressed with each individual vehicle.

Wheel vibration at high speeds can be a dangerous situation. Not to mention, the driver doesn’t get to experience the high-performance handling that one expects from a BMW. Therefore, if your e65 or e66 7-series is having these troubles, contact a local BMW service technician to diagnose the problem. They will be able to pinpoint the exact trouble and make the appropriate repairs.

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