BMW e70 X5 iDrive Failures

The BMW E70 X5 2007 – 2013 replaced the BMW E53. The interior redesign found within this second-generation X5 not only significantly increased seating capacity and featured aesthetic enhancements such as a panorama roof, but also included newer and even-more-impressive technology. One such advancement found within this mid-sized crossover utility vehicle was the standard inclusion of a state-of-the-art computer known as the iDrive.

This system allows the drivers of these popular vehicles to more-safely and efficiently govern a variety of functions including navigation, vehicle information, climate control, entertainment, and communication. The user-friendly controller, located in the vehicle’s center console, allows the driver to operate the system while keeping his or her eyes on the road. Unfortunately, some of these Bimmers have iDrive failures, most of which are mere annoyances, but some of which could lead to precarious situations.

Some of the common problems associated with the E70 iDrive failure include: constant rebooting, freezing, display flickering, a non-functioning navigation feature, and complete system failure. As mentioned, most of the time these will just be annoying problems, but if you are in an unfamiliar area, losing your navigation controls could pose a danger.

Drivers have also complained of unresponsive climate controls, the radio stations resetting, and other technical bugs. Some drivers have said that the clock will reset or the GPS will not recognize their location. These could be due to a failing battery or other electrical problems. A hard-reset may solve these problems.

Due to the complexity of the computer system, however, we do recommend visiting a local Bimmer service technician. They will have the proper tools and diagnostic systems to most-quickly and accurately identify and solve such problems.

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