BMW e70 X5 Noisy Cabin

The mid-sized BMW e70 X5 is a luxury crossover SUV first introduced in the United States in 2007. The e70 X5 replaced the e53 X5 with many upgrades. It features an automatic transmission, double wish-bone suspension and iDrive system as standard options, along with third row seating. While these vehicles will be replaced by the BMW F15 X5 in 2014, there are many of these sporty vehicles on the roads today. One of the issues X5 owners have expressed is cabin noise, specifically clicking noises in the vents and rattling noises throughout the cabin.

These noises in the vents are described as either popping or clicking emanating from one or both sides of the dashboard. Typically, the majority of these complaints are seen in warmer climates during the summer months, or on very hot days when the air conditioning is running. One possible cause of this situation may be the difference in temperature between outside air temperature and that of the air moving through the vents. A trained Bimmer service specialist can diagnose the cause of the issue.

The rattling noises X5 owners have reported are described as squeaking or rattling and occur most frequently at lower speeds (less than 25 mph) and while driving on bumpy roads. Some drivers report that the rattling noise comes from the rear of the vehicle, and other have stated it seems to be coming from the door pillars that the door latches to when closed. Many of the cabin rattles can be eliminated by having a mechanic either lube or replace the door seals. Clear Teflon tape over the door frames also seems to help muffle the noise. So while you may be able to repair it yourself, the best course of action is to contact a professional. Their experience will be invaluable in determining the cause of problem and achieving a quick and long-lasting resolution.

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