BMW e70 X5 Transmission Shifting Problems

The BMW X5 E-70, which was released from 2007-2013, is a mid-sized, second generation SUV Crossover vehicle. The successor to the X5 (E53), it differs in some respects in that the E70 line has no manual shifter option, but instead has implemented BMW's iDrive, an electronically controlled, joystick type shifter. This is a more advanced option, but can have transmission shifting problems, especially when the vehicle heats up.

Occasionally owners have had issues with the shifting mechanism after driving for some time, such as long commutes or long-distance drives. Owners have complained that at some point the car becomes unable to shift into higher gears. This most frequently happens when the vehicle reaches around 50 mph. The Bimmer’s engine will rev, but won’t shift up. When the owner pulls over and let the car sit for a few minutes, the transmission has a chance to cool down, and upon restarting the car, they find they have no trouble shifting into the full range.

One of the possible causes for this is a malfunction in the water pump. If water doesn't circulate, the transmission can't cool down, and the car will put itself in "limp mode." It’s also possible that doing a "soft reset" of the gearbox will help. This is possible to do on your own, but we recommend contacting a nearby BMW service expert to assist you.

There could be several causes to this problem, so see the experts. They will review the symptoms with you and then use their sophisticated technology to diagnose the exact cause of the problem and repair your Bimmer. So, for effective and speedy resolution of shifting problems, visit a professional before the problem becomes something more serious.

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