BMW F01 7 Series Software Problems

Remember when windows were controlled by handle cranks and you had to actually turn a knob to tune the radio? It seems back then cars had a lot less troubles. Now with so many technological advancements and computer controlled systems, there are a number of new conveniences, but that’s paired with a number of new problems. In the state-of-the-art BMW F01 7-series released in 2009, there are a few common software problems that owners should be on the lookout.

The steering wheel control can become loose or wobbly, which is very uncharacteristic of the typical sharp-handling of a BMW. This could be due to some mechanical problems with the suspension or steering column, but in many cases it is related to the software. A hard-reset of the software may be required, or some additional reprogramming.

Other issues attributed to software problems in the F01 and F02 BMW seven-series include glitches in the high-beam setting of the headlights. Some owners have said the high-beams will not respond or will get stuck in “bright” which could temporarily blind on-coming drivers. The BMW Assist System could also become inoperable or not respond properly to queries. Lastly, the Lane Departure System is also noted as being filled with glitches, as drivers have reported that it will activate without cause, and other times not activate at all.

These are just a few of the software problems currently known and more may be identified. If your car is experiencing these troubles, or other software problems, we recommend that you visit a nearby German auto mechanic for proper diagnosis and expert solutions. They are equipped with the experience and proper tools to get your Bimmer back to top-form.

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