BMW F10 5 Series Jerking and Steering Issues

Introduced in model year 2010, the BMW F-10 5-series continues to be one of the more popular Bimmers on the road today. These technologically-advanced vehicles do however come with their share of inherent problems, many of which are still being identified. One such common problem is jerking and steering issues that affect the handling and performance of many of early F-10 models.

Some owners of the F-10 BMW five series have complained about their vehicles veering to the right. The car will drift when the driver takes his or her hands off the wheel, causing a possible dangerous situation. In some cases this could be due to misalignment but in cars that are properly aligned there are other possible causes. The struts may need to be rotated, the tires may be improperly inflated, or in worst-case-scenarios the steering column may need to be replaced. The suspension system could also affect the steering and performance. It is best to contact a certified BMW technician to diagnose the problem accurately.

This jerking and steering problem tends to affect models with electric steering rather than hydraulic steering, so reprogramming or resetting the computer could solve the problem. The issue may be due to sub-contractors who developed the electric steering systems, as the drifting is also noticed in other European Luxury cars like Audi and Porsche. In BMW models, it tends to affect the earlier model years of the F-10, as engineers addressed and fixed the problem in later models. Contact a local BMW repair expert to perform proper diagnosis and repair.

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