Common Repairs on the BMW X2 Series - F39 First Generation

The BMW X2 (F39) is a compact luxury crossover SUV that was introduced by BMW in 2018. The BMW X2 series appeals to those looking for a more expressive and sporty compact luxury SUV within the BMW lineup. It combines the practicality of an SUV with the style and driving dynamics of a coupe, making it a unique choice in the premium compact SUV segment. Some common issues are listed below.

Coolant System Issues: Coolant leaks are common in the F39, which if not corrected, can damage your engine. Have your coolant system regularly checked by your local BMW service technician.

Door Handle Problems: Common in the older X2 model, the outer door handles seem to stop working as easily. Generally this is due to wear and tear. A complete door handle component replacement will fix this issue.

Faulty Brakes: Braking issues may occur in your F39 and can usually be remedied by replacing the brake pads and rotors. However, it is recommended to take your X2 to the nearest BMW specialized repair shop for complete diagnosis and repair.

Oil Gasket Leak: The valve cover gasket may be the cause of the oil gasket leaking. Your oil gasket should be changed to fix this leak.

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