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613 Fanshaw O,
Boca Raton, FL 33434 US
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Boca's only fully mobile BMW specialist. We bring the full shop to you. Factory tooling, lift, spring compressor, bearing press and BMW's ISTAd and ISTAp diagnostic and programming system. We can do what your dealer can not do (with special tooling beyond BMW). We service control modules with used replacements optionally, saving lots of money over new.

Affordable BMW repair mechanic in Boca Raton. We specialize in BMW: keys, CAS, EWS, diagnose, valve cover, head job, oil leak, brakes, suspension, engine swap performed by the BMW Autonerd in Boca Raton.


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9 Reviews

  • Mark Jhon
    Mark Jhon1 year ago

    Really impressed very professional and fast service. Highly recommend!!

    2020 BMW 335i
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  • Justin
    Justin2 years ago

    Vehicle out of warranty and check engine light came on. My first thought was Panic! After researching online and getting feedback from local auto parts shop I was referred to the BMW mechanic. After contacting him he made appointment on Saturday between 12 and 1. He showed up early at 11:45 am. After quickly diagnosing pre Catalyst O2 sensors we were able to repair and get the car running right. Check engine light cleared and no issues since. Highly recommend the BMW Mechanic for in depth knowledge of my vehicles engine and the potential solutions to the problem.

    2011 BMW 750i
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  •  Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson2 years ago

    Do not take you car to Sean Schultz , I paid him to fix my car (BWM) the only thing he did was take parts off my car and sold them. My car came back scrip i mean parts was taken off. I kept calling him about my car and he had every excuse in the book. I was referred from someone off of my job that told me we was good. I will not refer many one to them he is a very very bad mechanic.

    2011 BMW 535I
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  • Alex
    Alex4 years ago

    Just recently moved down here, and my transmission started failing. Got quotes for transmission rebuilds from four shops plus the dealer (The lowest estimates were all around $2500. The Dealer was over $3000.), Found Sean thanks to this website, read the reviews, and since he is close to home, went to see him. All I can say is "this Man knows his stuff, and he is very fair and honest." Had him do an oil and other fluid changes and rear brakes at the same time and still ended up spending a lot less than the transmission quotes alone (Saved over $1000 in total, compared to any other place)

    Oh, and the car runs like a dream. I've found my new mechanic!!

    2009 BMW X3
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  • Jack Padilla
    Jack Padilla4 years ago

    Shawn was great . Each time I came back to him he had prioritized repairs for my suspension which was badly beat up from rather large tires and rims . I even had to have my rack and pinion rebuilt . What a nightmare . But Shawn made the repairs affordable and spread them out through the course of a month . Highly recommend trying Shawn out .

    2013 BMW X5 35i
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  • Ginny Malone
    Ginny Malone5 years ago

    Sean was very thorough and would not let up till he found my problem . The tow truck guys didn't even know how to get the car down off the truck. Sean quickly did something under the car and somehow got my car off while these tow truck guys who tow cars all the time had no clue for 30 mins about how to unload my car. i had my car diagnosed in a couple hours and approved my parts order and got my car back the very next morning. I called many places and none could even give me any idea on costs ? While Sean didnt know what was wrong with my car he simply said my average repair ticket for something like this ranges from $300-$700 . Armed with that info I marched right over to him .

    2011 BMW 535i
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  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith5 years ago

    Stopped by to try out Sean over the holiday weekend ... He was jam packed . Could hardly move near his place . Apparently all his neighbors love him as they were coming from all up and down the street asking him to do work for them . He was saying yes to everyone. Somehow he managed to diagnose my issue and have parts in stock to fix and get me running vibration free . Prices were fair and I would certainly use him again .

    2010 BMW 335i
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  • Dawn
    Dawn5 years ago

    My car was at 3 different BMW repair shops and everyone of them told me I needed repairs costing over $3,000 . I then found and called Sean on and he made an appointment and came to me , to my surprise . He informed me of different options to use recycled parts for my my issue . Which by the way , I was told was not possible by all three other BMW repair shops . Sean explained he had russian tooling that could remedy my problems and get me back on the road for $300 dollars. I was skeptical but figured it was worth a shot at so low a price...But how could this be I wondered ! I watched in amazement as he returned the next day and plugged in a module he called it and hooked his laptop up and my car was running again ! So after 3 tow bills and $300 dollars my car was finally fixed and it didnt cost me $3000.00 dollars . You decide if he is worth a shot ... I have my BMW mechanic .

    2009 BMW BMW 335i
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  • Dawn
    Dawn5 years ago

    Very informative and very reasonable . They were very kind and explained my repairs in detail and even gave me the competitions price . Sean was very close to 100% with the estimated competitions pricing . I was very impressed . His work was very thorough and got my check engine light out where 2 other shops were unable to do this for me . He also took out another light which he said was part of the same problem . How lucky for me . I am very happy , I found my guy .

    2012 BMW X5
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