Euro Auto Care

1780 State Road 436,
Winter Park, FL 32792 US
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When take care of BMW, Mercedes, VW/AUDI, Volvo and many more.

When are also a BMW Coder and Programmer Shop, with more car lines to follow for more coding and programing.

We also do Turner Motorsports and APR. With more to come.

2 Reviews

  • Chris
    Chris8 years ago

    Ive been going to euro auto care for over a year these guys have been great.

    I had my 528i at another shop for 4 weeks and they couldnt find the problem. I called Euro Auto Care and explained my problem car running rough at idle etc. These guys told me the problem over the phone, so i towed my car there and in 2 hours I was up and running smooth. I dont know about any one else but the guys here are down to earth and was a very easy going experience. They have saved me money just in service, oil changes, brakes and air filters. Just a question to the guy posting here, if you have a bmw friend why bring it to another shop? Just sounds fishy to me.

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  • Eric
    Eric8 years ago

    As all BMW owners understand (or need to understand), purchasing such a vehicle involves more than just writing a check. Maitainence is mandatory. This is my second BMW, so my sophmore experience comes to know surprise in regards to the price of upkeep.

    I have recently become quite cynical about buisiness peoples' behavior. Especially in these desperate economic times. However, for sanity sake I have been trying to be more balanced. Trying to understand that not every business person is a paper-chasing vampire. However, my encounter with this shop did not help my journey towards enlightenment.

    I went for a diagnostic check in regards to some machanical problems my car was having. In the end they quoted me close to $1300. Though I hated the news, I Respectfully I thanked them, told them I would get back with them, and went on my way. Earlier that day I tried contacted a friend of mine who works on BMWs (he was busy at the time I called, so It was late that evening when he returned my call.) Anywho, I gave him the codes that were given to me my Euro Auto Care and then I described what was going on with the car. He decided to come by my place to take a look at the car. He shook his head in disgust. None of the codes that were given to me matched the problem. Long story short, the solution, an $80 part and $120 for 1 hr labor (I dont mind paying $120 to a friend or anyone for that matter, as long as they are honest with me and get the job don right. My gift of my gratitude).

    Friendly guys at Euro Auto. However, even snakes smile.

    SOMEBODY PLEASE bring back the the fundamentals of good business practices. I am tired of being raped by these predators who give capitalism a bad name.

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