EURO Specialists

2350 South US Highway 17-92, Suite 1010,
Longwood, FL 32750 US
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An Honest, Family Owned & Operated Auto Shop providing Quality Workmanship on all the services that are available at the dealership.

We specialize in these Fine Automobiles:


Our Professional, Master Certified Technicians have over 87 years of Combined Experience that You Can Trust.

In our 6th year in business, we have a State-of-the-Art Shop with the latest Computer Software and Diagnostics.

We are All About YOU: (1) Complimentary Pick-Up & Drop-off of your vehicle from Home or Work or Complimentary Shuttle; (2) Comfortable Lobby with Wireless Internet, Beverages & Snacks; (3) Extended Warranty Service; (4) 12 Months with Unlimited Mileage Warranty; and (5) 90-Day Payment Plan with No Credit Approval.


  • Free Wifi
  • Shuttle Service
  • Cable TV
  • Customer Lounge
  • Refreshments

19 Reviews

  • Abby R.
    Abby R.7 years ago

    I started taking my X5 to Euro Specialists when my 2007 X5 was having major problems (multiple oil leaks, multiple coolant leaks, faulty rear air spring etc etc. I could go on but I think the point is made.) I have been very happy with their service (both work and customer.) On the customer side they have always been so friendly, helpful, and easy to talk to. As a woman (5'1" 35 year old blond usually with my 7 year old and 2 1/2 year old in tow) they have NEVER talked down to me and have always tried very hard to be thorough in explaining the situation and options. They have been very personable and have had multiple conversations about their own children and families while sighting in or out. One particular thing that stood out to me was after only having just started going to them (3rd time) and it having been at least 6 months since the previous visit both on the drop off and pick up Jim Jr walked through as I was signing everything and said "oh hi Abby how are you." Honestly I was shocked he remembered my name and appreciate that level of customer service and acknowledgement. On the service side I have always left there knowing they did everything they could, took their time, and made sure there wasn't a stone left unturned and the promise that if there ever was bring it back and we will take care of it right away. After years at the dealership being shuffled around, just one of the heard, knowing I was being overcharged not sure the problem was really fixed or just patched and trying other places out of convenience where I felt like a complete fish out of water every time Euro Specialists has Been a breath of fresh air for me and my car and certainly makes the lack of rental car service on property completely worth it. I know, there, I am an individual with a name who needs help with my car (a very important part of my life) and not just a number waiting in line (I think anyone with a BMW in Orlando knows exactly what I mean by that.)

    2007 BMW X5
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  • John Thorson
    John Thorson7 years ago

    Have used Euro specialists on two occasions, including replacement of a cracked valve cover gasket, Work has been done to my satisfaction, at the price quoted, i.e. no surprises.

    Car is delivered on time, and SPOTLESS. Great job detailing by the team.

    I recommend these guys, they 'do it right'.

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Dr Adlai Green
    Dr Adlai Green8 years ago

    This is my daughter's car- Growing up with my Dad who was a one man jaguar/ foreign car shop owner- I can appreciate the mom and pop or Dad and Son business of this shop. The shop itself is well organized- clean- fair pricing and customer service is number one- I just wish that they worked on Acuras! as well- A pleasure doing business with this shop and you will not regret working with them versus the large dealership in town!

    2009 BMW X3
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  • Al Anderson
    Al Anderson8 years ago

    The service was professional, thorough and completed as promised. I trust their findings and recommendations for repair. I am very pleased with my decision to use Euro Specialists for all my automotive services.

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • bill carrico
    bill carrico8 years ago

    Fair prices. Outstanding work, completed on time. We are very satisfied and will continue to use them as our primary auto repair shop for our BMW Z3.

    2001 BMW Z3
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  • kathryn
    kathryn8 years ago

    I've been taking my car here for 5 years. They do great work, stand behind what they do, and don't push for service that's not needed. Very clean shop, knowledgeable people, fair prices. And never a surprise. Nice folks to do business with. Even though I live on the other side of town, this is the only place I take my car for service.

    2004 BMW 525
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  • Pat DeCesare
    Pat DeCesare8 years ago

    Impeccable service! I would not take my car anywhere else! Recommended to friends and family. Friendly , quick service. I have taken my car there for regular maintenance and when I have had an issue, each time I was impressed with the service ! Thank you!

    2007 BMW X3
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  • Joyce Taylor Walker
    Joyce Taylor Walker8 years ago

    EXCEPTIONAL service is delivered at every visit to EURO Specialists! The personnel are friendly and the expertise with which they service or repair my vehicle knows no bounds. In addition, the refreshments and goodie bag taste scrumptious and show that they care about their customers.

    A pleased and most satisfied customer,

    Joyce Taylor Walker

    2006 BMW 5261
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  • Frank C
    Frank C8 years ago

    Finding an automobile repair shop that you can trust was about as painful as finding an automobile salesman you could trust, that is until I took my BMW to EURO Specialists. Still looking for that automobile saleman. EURO Specialists has always completed the work on time and on budget. Their inspection process allows me to plan preventive maintenance without being surprised with sudden out of pocket expense. Thank you EURO Specialists

    2006 BMW 750 LI
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  • Chris M
    Chris M9 years ago

    Been going to Euro Specialists for over 2 years and they are 5 STAR all day. Went to numerous other "Euro" repair shops in the Orlando area for 10 years prior with limited satisfaction. Not to mention the clean car and bag of goodies!!! Jim and the crew are the best and most professional crew around.

    2003 BMW 330xi
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  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson9 years ago

    I have used Euro Specialists for several years and highly recommend their facility. You can count on quality workmanship, timely completion of the work and a warm and friendly family environment!! Your car will be clean when ready to pick up with homemade cookies in a goody bag:)

    2002 BMW 525i
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  • Adlai G
    Adlai G9 years ago

    Coming from a family where my father owned his own one man foreign car shop- I am very impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and the extreme cleanliness of not only the waiting area but the shop itself. You are treated like an individual and the pricing is much better that the local dealership . Quality care at a reasonable price!

    2009 BMW X3
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  • Damian Cameola
    Damian Cameola9 years ago

    We are so happy to have found Euro Specialist to care for our 16 year old car. It looks good, but best of all they keep it running like new! The shop is clean and the service reliable and prompt. The professionalism and emphasis on customer care is outstanding. It is easy to make an appointment, the car is ready when promised and there are no ugly surprises. We needed some work done by another shop for replacing a liner and E.S. arranged for that repair while other work was done at their shop. It was great. It saved us a lot of hassle and the car came back in wonderful shape.

    We love it and feel that others, especially those with the highest of standards, will be pleased with the job done well at Euro Specialist

    1996 BMW 328is
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  • Chrisi S.
    Chrisi S.9 years ago

    I have never had a problem taking my car to Euro Specialists. As a female I am always hesitant about bringing my car into the shop for any reason. In the past I have always made my husband assume this responsibility. With Euro Specialists I have no problem taking my car in for any reason. I know whatever they recommend I can trust to be accurate. I don't even need to call my husband to go over any service needs. We have been a customer for over five years and I am very very pleased with their service of our automobiles any would recommend them to anyone who is looking for great care of their automobile needs.

    2005 BMW 330ci
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  • Chris D
    Chris D9 years ago

    Absolutely love Euro Specialists. Easy and convenient to make appointments. Great service with attention to detail. Very helpful in explaining the repairs needed and completed. Never feel that I have overpaid for repair.

    Very friendly and always follows up to determine your satisfaction. Highly recommend this business!

    2006 BMW x5
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  • Bill Bagwell
    Bill Bagwell9 years ago

    Example: Fields quoted $1800 for ABS repair; Euro Specialists did it for $975

    Save some money, get a group of professionals who really care about you and your BMW. These are really car-guys!

    2007 BMW Coupe
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  • Alberto De La Cruz
    Alberto De La Cruz10 years ago

    I'd like to compliment Euro-Specialist for the excellent service provided to my BMW.

    I have always been pleased with the service I receive at Euro-Specialist. Your professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations.

    Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with you.

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  • Rowland Ellison
    Rowland Ellison10 years ago

    I have used these guys for years, they have taken care of my Z4 for 4 years. Never a problem with courtesy or service, very professional. I would and have recommend them and will do so in the futrure.

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  • David H.
    David H.11 years ago

    Referred to Euro Specialists by a friend and very pleased. My BMW was in need of some work and the dealership prices were high. After an inspection, they reviewed the items needing work and the cost to repair. There was no pressure to do all the repairs right now and gave me a listing of the priority of the work. Completed the most imporant repairs which were all safety related and quality of work was excellent. Will return to do the other repairs in the future. They are honest and friendly people and made me feel like part of their family. THEY ARE 5 STAR ALL THE WAY!

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