Mike's Beemer Shop

5846 SW 68th St,
South Miami, FL 33143 US
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South Miami's premier BMW repair facility. We provide personalized BMW service for motorists in South Miami and Southern Florida. We have over 18 years of factory training and experience in BMW repair and all parts/labor is guaranteed for one year. ASE certified. Stop in today for expert BMW service. We're located one block from the South Miami metrorail station.

3 Reviews

  • Miguel6 months ago

    Took my car there to get inspected because they seemed reliable and told me that getting it inspected in bmw would be at least $300 so I left my car, because they said it was half price with them. When inspection came they said the car was perfect, couple weeks later I am having a whole bunch of malfunction on the car. So I took it to bmw. Come to find out inspection at bmw was only $200 and they gave me a loaner car. Don’t trust your car with Mikes Bmw

    2012 BMW 7
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  • Carlos11 months ago

    Been going to Mike for the last 20 years with my 525, 635, L6, 530, 740 & 540. They have always been honest and courteous. Top notch mechanics and good prices. They will never try to push any unnecessary repairs. I have recommended Mike's to all my friends which now go to him. Thank you Carlos and Mike.

    2003 BMW 540i
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  • Nataly1 year ago

    Rude, smart-alecky, poor, I mean, nonexistent customer service. Most importantly, dishonest. Charged me $600 for a fuel sensor and tried to charge me another $600 for a valve cover gasket that was already replaced. Women, stay clear, it's one of those car places. They had the audacity to charge me $50 for gas I did not ask for when the gas tank was already half full! When I refused they threaten to charge me $110 the next time I would bring the car in. (Hilarious that they thought there would be a next time.) Their wise-cracking car jockey told me to enjoy the free gas. Uh, thanks, next time ask before putting it, wise one? They're one step below the dealership in integrity, and that's saying a lot. Might as well go there, at least you'll get free coffee...and a cleaner waiting room.

    2010 BMW 328i
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