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Precision Sport Industries is Central Florida's leading facility for BMW service and performance, with a world class diagnostic team and the capacity for any type of OEM or aftermarket work imaginable. Located 10 minutes from downtown Orlando, we provide a customer-first atmosphere and decades of experience on staff to provide you with quick and precise analysis and repair.

PSI carries a wide variety of BMW-specific brands, including Akrapovic, 3D Design, Eisenmann, Active Autowerke, Macht Schnell, and many otherse. We are demonstrably committed to the needs and requirements of all BMW owners and enthusiasts by providing industry-leading attention to detail and quality workmanship in every car we touch.

As Central Florida's only BMW specific aftermarket specialty shop, we continue to raise the bar both locally and nationally, and our devotion to our customers is second to none.

  • 3D Design
  • Active Autowerke
  • ADV.1
  • aFe
  • Akrapovic
  • AMS Performance
  • aSpec
  • BBS
  • BBS Motorsport
  • BC Racing
  • Brembo
  • Burger Motorsports
  • Champion Motorsport
  • Eisenmann
  • Enkei
  • G-Power
  • GruppeM
  • IND
  • KW Suspensions
  • LB Performance
  • Macht Schnell
  • RKP
  • Stasis
  • TiKORE Industries
  • Tubi Style
  • VEI Systems
  • Vorsteiner
  • Volk
  • Work Wheels

Our Facility

The first thing you notice is the absolute spotlessness of our facility. It is difficult to comprehend how a destination with this much activity and popularity is kept this clean. Next, the amazing machines parked inside and outside catch the eye, and you begin to wonder what manner of enthusiasts must live and work here. Impossible to miss are the latest BMW Diagnostic technology, including BMW GT1, Auto Logic, and INPA. With these specialized, state-of-the-art tools, we can locate the root of a problem more quickly than any shop in the area. . A shop is nothing without specialized equipment, and we took pains to install the very best. Who in Central Florida would dream of taking their prized personal BMW anywhere else?

Here at PSI, we define ourselves by our level of service, maintenance experience, and our ability to fulfill the dreams of every enthusiast that brings their treasured BMW to our facility. We pride ourselves in transforming your ideas into reality, using only the very best parts available and the highest level of skill possible. Regardless of the purpose of your visit to PSI, whether tiny or immense, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. We simply wouldn't have it any other way, and we feel you should not either.

Our service and diagnostic team has decades of expertise, so it goes without saying that you are in good hands here. In fact, the extensive experience on staff makes us the #1 choice for any type of work, no matter how complex. Anything from a simple oil change to an intensive street, show, or racing build is just another day in the shop for us. As you can see from some of our previous projects, our commitment to quality and excellence takes priority over any type of margin.

We specialize in OEM replacement parts also, and we guarantee the exact fit to keep your BMW showroom new, whether E30 or F30. Our service department features these OEM brands from the world's leading manufacturers.


  • The PSI team have been a real pleasure to work with. Their professional approach to diagnosing a cars issues make it easy to understand the issues and determine the path to repair and getting your Bimmer back on the road. My recent experience with my 2004 330ci SMG was great. The car essentially would not shift gears. After going in the shop, the PSI team determined that the throw out bearing and clutch were gone. In short order OEM parts were replaced and I’m happy to say the car shifts better than ever. After I picked up the car there were a few other minor items that PSI handled as well to ensure I was fully satisfied.

    I would highly recommend anyone with a BMW to work with PSI! Don’t mess around with “fly by night” shops. These guys are the real deal.

    RJ L., via Google
  • Awesome place for all your BMW needs.

    Andres R., via Google
  • Recently relocated to Central Florida and heard good things about PSI. Had some routine maintenance performed (spark plugs, oil change, etc.). Solid independent shop and very knowledgeable on everything BMW. I will be a repeat customer.

    Josh K., via Google

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6 Reviews

  • Stu
    Stu4 years ago

    Unfortunately I had a bad experience. I was not happy with ride after an install of BC Racing coilovers. I experienced strange rattling sounds, my car rocked back and forth when I stopped the vehicle. To make a long story short I spent an extra $400 plus having another repair center look at the vehicle. It was determined by that place the preload was not done properly.

    During my final visit with PSI I was told by the owner everything was fine from an install standpoint and that he recommends I purchase even more expesive coiloverd. I contacted BC Racing ans thankfully they offered to look at my car. No problem. Fixed. It was determined the preload was way off. Now car rides great.

    2016 BMW M235i
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  • Chelsea DeNofa
    Chelsea DeNofa10 years ago

    So, I know by now most of you reading this are tired of dealing with shops that take advantage of you in every way possible. From extra charges, to telling you there are parts that need to be replaced that obviously don't, and lately there has been a lot of waiting at shops for aftermarket parts to installed or fabricated.

    Precision Sport Industries is the ONLY shop I WILL take my cars to in the Orlando area. Being a professional driver and working a regular 9-5 really kills the amount of time I have to work on all of my cars. Having the ability to fix it yourself usually makes you doubt other shops, but each time I have brought my cars to them its been fixed in a manner that surpassed my expectations. Their shop is always clean and filled with fancy tools and they know the importance of keeping your car just as clean as you brought it in. All of the staff is very helpful and are also auto enthusiasts.

    They have worked on my X5, M3, and 328i.

    Bottom line. Whether its a twin supercharged M car, or just an oil change on your wifes C class, they will take care of both you and your car in a quality manner.

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  • Lafayette Britto aka Lafa
    Lafayette Britto aka Lafa10 years ago

    I just wanted to stop by and leave this review as I have just ran across the page. I have known the guys from Precision Sport Industries for the past few years and they have always done all the work to my BMW. I have a 04 3 series, They have installed 2 different sets of suspensions, exhaust install, wheels mount and balance (been through a few sets) and also regular maintenance. The guys at the shop are very responsible and a pleasure to work with, If you have any issues with your car whether its something simple, or anything more complicated along the lines of a Supercharger, swing by the shop and give them a call and i guarantee that they will take care of you and you will leave there happy.... The shop is in a upscale area of Orlando (Winter Park) and there is not a cleaner shop in the area, as a matter of fact... that i have set foot in.... with all they have going on, you will usually not even see a drip of oil on the floor. If you don't believe me, swing by. I give thumbs up on using them... The best for all your BMW needs!

    BMW 2004 3series
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  • Paul
    Paul10 years ago

    Precision Sport Industries provides excellent service, trustworthy, experienced in BMWs which is satisfying. Anytime I have a problem with my BMW this is the only place I will ever go and I recommend everyone to check this place out before heading to the dealerships or local mechanics. Save your wallet and your car.

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  • RC
    RC10 years ago

    If I need anything done for my M3, Precision Sport Industries is the ONLY place I will bring it. Everyone up there knows what they are talking about and never try to oversell you something you don't need. These guys are the best at what they do.

    BMW M3
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  • Fello amb
    Fello amb10 years ago

    A+! Precision Sport Industries is a very knowledgeable BMW repair shop that does great work. I will be back! PS: they have some very sweet cars there.

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