Common Repairs on the BMW X4 Series - G02 Second Generation

The Second Generation BMW X4 (G02) builds upon the success of its predecessor (F26 X4) and brings significant improvements in design, technology, performance and overall refinement. The G02 has been in production since 2018 and appeals to many who want a sporty luxury crossover vehicle. A few common problems exist with the G02 and include:

Brake Problems: Braking system faults may occur with the 2019 model. Some owners reported that the brake pedal would extend farther than it should, affecting the rear brakes only. This may be due to the rear brake calipers. Have your BMW service technician fully inspect the braking system in your X4.

Window Malfunctions: Sometimes the window doesn’t go up and sometimes it doesn’t go down. It could be the motor, regulator or a switch that is the problem, in which case would have to be replaced.

Problems Starting the Vehicle: Some owners have reported issues with the ignition and the vehicle not turning over. It could be something simple as the battery or it could be something more like the starter. An experienced BMW repair shop can help you solve this problem.

Drivetrain and Suspension: Suspension and drivetrain components have been known to wear out prematurely. These may include the control arms, bushings and driveshafts. Replacement will be required.

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