Common Repairs on the BMW X6 Series - F16 Second Generation

The BMW G06 is the third generation of the BMW X6 series. It’s a mid-size luxury crossover SUV that was introduced in 2020. With an array of powerful engine options, advanced suspension systems and BMW's xDrive all-wheel-drive, the G06 delivers impressive performance and handling capabilities. As with any vehicle, potential issues will occur, some are listed below.

Coolant Loss: G06 models with the B58 engine have been known to lose coolant quicker than normal. If you notice this, take your X6 to an experienced BMW technician for a complete inspection.

Timing Chain Failure: Some owners have complained of the timing chains stretching over time, thus causing all kinds of issues. A replacement may be necessary, but have your local BMW mechanic check out the problem first.

Fuel Injection Problem: Issues with the fuel injector failing at a low mileage, like 20,000 miles, has been reported by some owners.

Brake Wear: High-performance BMWs, like the X6, may experience faster-than-expected brake wear, requiring more frequent brake pad and rotor replacements.

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