Common Repairs on the BMW 4 Series - G22/G23/G26 Second Generation

The BMW 4 Series 2nd Generation (G22/G23/G26), introduced in 2020, represents a bold evolution of its predecessor, showcasing BMW's commitment to dynamic design and performance. The BMW 4 Series 2nd Generation caters to enthusiasts and individuals seeking a thrilling and luxurious driving experience, even with the common problems associated with it.

Grille Design Controversy: One notable aspect of the second generation 4 Series is the large and distinctive grille design, which has generated mixed opinions among enthusiasts and consumers. While this is more of a subjective matter, it has been a topic of discussion and criticism.

Software Glitches: Some owners have reported occasional software glitches, such as screen freezing, slow response times and connectivity problems with smartphones or other devices. Usually these can often be resolved through software updates.

Suspension and Ride Comfort: There have been a few complaints regarding the firmness of the suspension in certain models, leading to a stiffer ride quality, especially when equipped with larger wheel sizes. This can make the car less comfortable on rough roads or over long distances.

Wind Noise: A small number of owners have mentioned wind noise or excessive wind buffering at higher speeds, particularly when driving with windows open or sunroofs tilted.

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