Common Repairs on the BMW 7 Series - G70 Seventh Generation

The Seventh Generation of the BMW 7 Series, G70, are luxury vehicles that were introduced during BMW’s 45th anniversary in April 2022. While relatively new, this model has reports of a few common issues that have been noted by owners.

Infotainment Issues: Infotainment issues have been noted as the system flickers and sometimes lags. There have also been reports of issues with the screen when driving in reverse.

Auto Start/Stop Problems: Sometimes malfunctioning, the auto start/stop will shut down automatically while in motion.

Transmission Problems: Owners have reported the transmission getting stuck in one gear and not shifting. If you are having any transmission related issues, bring your G70 to an experienced BMW service center for diagnostic and repair.

Random Acceleration: A malfunction of the forward collision avoidance system may cause the G70 to leap forward and accelerate, which poses as a safety issue.

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