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Providing service and repair for Domestic and Foreign models... BMW, MERCEDES, JAGUAR, LAND ROVER, NISSAN, AUDI, FORD and more. We are proud to exclusively offer Liqui Moly products that are engineered specifically for your car. We offer complete programming for Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, MINI, AUDI, and Mercedes.


Offering several tests and services for your vehicle:

  • Coolant Leak Testing
  • Fuel Pressure Testing
  • AC Pressure Testing
  • Cylinder Power Balance
  • Vacuum Smoke Testing
  • Actuation Testing
  • ABS Sensor Testing
  • 02 Sensor Testing
  • Vacuum Leak Testing
  • Brake Fluid Testing
  • Reluctor Ring Testing
  • Battery Registration
  • Module Coding and Programming
  • Key Programming
  • ABS Module Testing
  • Transmission Recoding
  • Steering Angle Calibration and Reset


15 Reviews

  • Cam
    Cam 1 month ago

    Dealt with another shop due to me being new to the area but then started noticing my car wasn’t getting fixed like I was told, so I reached out to these two saints and they got me in and brought my baby back to life. 10/10 would recommend them to all of my friends and family.

    2008 BMW M3
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  • Pam Walker
    Pam Walker3 years ago

    After receiving an estimate from the dealership, that was outrageous, I was ready to trade in my car. Luckily my son remembered that a gentleman at O'Reilly's told him about Reggie at Jaguar-BMW Solutions. I called and explained what was wrong with my car and his nice wife said they would stay and wait for me to bring it in. Reggie was very quick to diagnose my problems, show me and explain what needed to be done. He fixed my car for half of my original estimate and had me back on the road is less than 24 hours! He is truly gifted! Then the next day, I received a text from him saying he was just checking me. WOW! What an amazing personal touch! I recommend BMW Solutions to anyone who needs to have their foreign car repaired. You rarely find such honest, courteous, and professional mechanics! Finding BMW solutions is like finding a hidden gem! Thank you Reggie!

    2009 BMW 528i
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    Reggie Coleman3 years ago

    Mrs. Walker,it was our pleasure to ease your burden of the extreme cost of repairs. We strive to always do great work,and make sure your hard earned dollars are NEVER taken for granted. We appreciate your business and are grateful that we saved you money. Please feel free to reach out to us again for any of your bimmer needs. Thanks for your thoughtful review!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 years ago

    Jaguar-BMW Solutions are extremely professional, punctual and customer friendly. Every visit is like a first impression, where I receive a thorough diagnostic and explanation of any repairs that are needed. Anyone with an imported vehicle knows how vital it is to have a trustworthy repairman, who is dependable and downright FAST! My Bimmer is looking forward to her next visit.

    Thank You Jagur-BMW Solutions

    2008 BMW 528i
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    Reggie Coleman4 years ago

    As always I strive to be punctual,and as helpful as my skills and knowledge will allow me.It is pleasure and goal to always do my best to please my clients. Thank you for the thoughtful review and I hope to always gain your business and deliver great service..thanks..

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams4 years ago

    As a member of the U.S. Army integrity and quality are very important to me. I have a BMW M6 which I bought this year Jan. It is by far the most powerful and luxurious car I have ever owned. I started having issues and decided to take it to a certified BMW dealer, you know to get it fixed the "right way". After abound $5000 in repairs I knew I needed to find a true expert because I was in an out of the shop every week and usually to have the same issues re-fixed. Well while pricing an alternator at O'Rileys after being fed up with a quote from BMW of $1500 I was recommended to contact Reggie by the employees at my local O-Rileys. I called him and met him later that day. He then actually diagnosed my car and discovered the actual issue which was a fraction of the price. Since taking my car to Reggie it runs better than the day I bought it and I can fully enjoy all 500+ horses to the fullest! Reggie is now the only person I will go to for my vehicle issues. I can guarantee that if you call him once you wont ever want or need anyone else.

    2007 BMW S85 M series
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    Reggie Coleman4 years ago

    As always I am humbled by the reviews and it gives me great pleasure knowing I made a difference.This is the greatest reward for me knowing someone has benefited from my service.I thank you for your business,your service to our country,and if you ever need me you know where to find me,I hope you continue to enjoy your gorgeous m6 for many years....Thanks again!

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy4 years ago

    I must start out by saying, Truly A God Sent Angel. I purchased my bmw on 19 April 2016 from Bluewater Motor Sports in Wilmington, NC and had some concerns about the different sounds coming from the vehicle. I found Reggie on Craigslist and reach out to him to get a better understanding of his professional manner. Scheduled an appt for this pass Saturday, 7 May 2016, and definitely not disappointed at all. Reggie blew me away with his professionalism, Attention-To-Detail and most of all EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE of the luxury vehicle world. Needlessly to say, He's my permanent mechanic from this day forth. If you're looking for an Honest, loyal, Professional and Knowledgeable mechanic, Reggie's your guy.

    2008 BMW 750i
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    Reggie Coleman4 years ago

    Jimmy it was a pleasure meeting you and I am glad to have been of help with your vehicle. Thank you for thinking enough of me to come as far as you did, and allowing me to serve you. I look forward to helping you save money, and keeping your car running well and as always thanks for the thoughtful review.

  • Richard
    Richard5 years ago

    Great fantastic knowledgeable mechanic, anything concerning programming, diagnostics, and general repair.. Reggie has worked on my previous and current Bmw and really busts his behind to get the job done quick and efficient, and I guarantee he beats any dealer or local rip off shop around. We all know how German cars are and how much of a pain in the ass they are with the programming and the computer systems, well he will get it done. Don't spend your hard earned money anywhere else go see Reggie in savannah!

    2011 BMW 550i M-sport
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    Reggie Coleman5 years ago

    Rich thanks for the review, and as always I strive to give good service at a affordable cost.It was a pleasure servicing your gorgeous 550i sport.If I can ever be of anymore assistance you know where to find me, thanks!

  • Danny S
    Danny S5 years ago

    Reggie was a blessing to me. After consulting with several automobile industry businesses over months of having My vehicle system displaying "transmission faulty", I discovered Jaguar BMW Solutions. During this period I received a diagnosis from one of the most "reputable" transmission shops in my area--I was told the cost to repair my vehicle would run $4,500. Another local BMW expert quoted me a price of $1,200.

    Last week, I discovered Jaguar BMW Solutions. My vehicle was dropped off and repaired correctly within 30 minutes of bringing it to Jaguar BMW Solution. Reggie is exceptionally ethical. His expert mechanical knowledge coupled with his ability to effectively communicate in a courteous and professional manner resulted in turning my nightmare into a pleasant experience.

    Bottom line is to have Jaguar BMW Solution diagnose your problem and receive a right diagnosis and low cost quality service simultaneously.

    Thanks Jaguar BMW Solutions

    2007 BMW 750Li
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    Reggie Coleman5 years ago

    I would like to personally thank you for your business, and thoughtful review. It was a pleasure helping you get your vehicle back on the road, and giving you the relief of saving money. Please don't hesitate to contact me for future needs..Thanks...

    CHARLES ROBERTS5 years ago

    Very pleased with the service done to my BMW 525I. After owning my car for 10 years and having it serviced at the BMW Dealership, I can tell it was serviced professionally. I was shown (personally) all that was needed and performed on the car and the cost was very reasonable! I have decided to use this company as my servicer for my BMW. Thanks Reggie!

    2005 BMW 525I
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    Reggie Coleman5 years ago

    It was my pleasure servicing your vehicle, I am happy I was able to make a difference. If you ever need me I am just a call away. Thanks again!

  • chris bowey
    chris bowey6 years ago

    Reggie is a great guy to know if you want someone you can trust working on your car. He has an amazing understanding of BMW's and wont charge you the earth to fix things. I,ve used Reggie a few times now and will continue to do so - i have 100% comfort handing my car over to him. He is upfront and honest with you about what needs doing and wont change things just for the sake of it which many BMW dealers do. His charges are also very reasonable - a great guy to know!!

    2007 BMW M6
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    Reggie Coleman6 years ago

    Thanks for the review, it is always my pleasure

    to give the type of service that people can appreciate. I will continue to always put

    customers above profit and let them know that there satisfaction is what matters most!

  • Ashley
    Ashley6 years ago

    I would highly recommend Reggie for your Jaguar needs! The best, knowledgable, friendly and honest service I've ever received and I was in and out in a jiff. He knows what he's doing and is happily willing to explain anything you would like to know about pertaining to your vehicle. This a great and pocket friendly alternative to going to the dealership because he has the exact same equipment! Save yourself some time and money and come to Jaguar BMW Solutions. You'll be happy you did!

    2010 Jaguar Xk
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    Reggie Coleman6 years ago

    Hello and thanks for the review, I am humbled and thankful for the overwhelming positive replies.As always I am here to help,and save you money in any capacity.Thanks again, and I will see you for your next

  • Charles
    Charles6 years ago

    Reggie is definitely the mechanic you need to call If your car needs servicing. I've visited a good bit of local auto shops (including the BMW dealership), and I can honestly say that my visits with Reggie are the only times I drive away with my car fixed and 100% satisfied. I definitely see why people drive good distances for his services. I haven't dealt with a more honest and professional mechanic. He tells you what's wrong with your car and what it needs done, and it's always for a extremely fair price. If you still don't believe it, call a dealership or another auto repair shop and see how much they want for the same job. I guarantee you'll be giving Reggie a call back, and you'll be satisfied with his work. Since my first visit, I haven't even done as little as inquired about a car job with another mechanic. And as long as he's in business, he'll definitely have me as a customer. You really should give him a call.

    2001 BMW 740i
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    Reggie Coleman6 years ago

    Hello and thanks Charles, as always it is a good feeling knowing that I have made a difference to someone...As a mechanic and knowing the hardships that people encounter, I never place profits above customer happiness. It is a pleasure to serve you, come by anytime!!

  • Nisha
    Nisha6 years ago

    First I would have to say that Reggie is a very honest, knowledgeable, and professional mechanic. He took his time to tell me what was wrong with my car and how he was going to fix it. In my experience I just hand over keys then money, normally no one explains anything to me. So for him to do that was great. Secondly, he was able to have my car up and running in no time. The job was taken care of the first go around and there wasn't any back and forth with the price. Thirdly, I felt very comfortable with him fixing my car, I trust his knowledge and experience. I will tell everyone I know that is looking for a mechanic to call Reggie. In the future, I will definitely continue to use his services.

    2007 BMW 328xi
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    Reggie Coleman6 years ago

    Thank you very much for the review and it was a pleasure to serve you. I am always pleased to see a customer happy with my service. I am here if you ever need me.. thanks again!!

  • Michael
    Michael6 years ago

    I am highly pleased with the professional and knowledgeable manner in which Reggie serviced and repaired my 2008 BMW 535i. Reggie’s knowledge, honesty, pleasant personality, and passion made be feel comfortable and at ease, and I trust his opinion and recommendations 100%. Jaguar-BMW-solutions goes above and beyond on customer service, and they get the job done right. Most importantly, I know that I'm always given a good price, and if he recommend something needs fixing, it's because it DOES, not because they're "up-selling" me. Plus he will tell you what it DOESN'T need or if you can wait a while to fix something. You just don't find that kind of honesty much anymore. It's so comforting to know that the value, quality, and honest service are there whenever I need it! Thanks Reggie!!!" You have definitely gained a new customer who will refer all of his friends and family to your shop; jaguar-BMW-solutions

    2008 BMW 535i
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    Reggie Coleman6 years ago

    Sir thanks for the review, it is my intention to always improve my service and make customers feel confident when entrusting me with there vehicles. It was a pleasure servicing your vehicle and if I can ever be of service,feel free to call me anytime...

  • Senior
    Senior6 years ago

    Reggie, I don't really have words to express my gratitude for your advices, services and professionalism.. After moving to Ga. I visit many local auto shops to include the BMW dealership hoping to get answer on some issues affecting my 525i and no one could provide me with a clear diagnostic on what was wrong with my car..

    After our first meeting it was very clear that you was very technically knowledgeable in all aspect of BMW engines, your tools are even better that the ones used at some auto shops , after my first visit my car has shown significant improvement , I will continue to trust my car into your care for what I know your are the best choice in town.

    I would highly recommend you with out hesitation to any one who is need of an honest mechanical solution for any BMW series.

    Thank you very much ..

    SFC Senior

    US Army

    2004 BMW 335i
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    Reggie Coleman6 years ago

    It was my pleasure to help you, and as always I am very pleased to know that my service was of value to you.Give me a call anytime.

  • Kristine Gisolo
    Kristine Gisolo6 years ago

    Reggie is an honest, amazing and experienced mechanic. He is dedicated to fixing any car and is completely trustworthy and honest about the repairs and costs associated with any repairs. I would tell anyone who is needing repairs on your foreign cars to bring your car to Reggie! The work will be done in a short time period, you will not wonder about the cost, as he is upfront about the cost prior to completing the repairs and you will be 100% satisfied with his work and the finished product. Go see Reggie today! Do not be misled by dealers...this guy is the real deal and you will not EVER go back to a dealership again. I am a very particular person......I also own a classic corvette and have been around the block with mechanics.....Reggie is the real deal and will beat any dealer estimates and his work is far above any dealership! Do not be mislead by the dealers....bring your car to Reggie.

    I would recommend him hands down! A superb mechanic indeed!

    Kristine Gisolo

    2002 Mercedes-Benz ML 320
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    Reggie Coleman6 years ago

    Thank you very much Ms. Kristine , as always it is a pleasure...Call me anytime.