RAGS German Auto

74-5626 Alapa Street #12,
Kailua Kona, HI 96740 US
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R.A.G.S. is a licensed independent auto repair facility open to the public.

1 Review

  • miguel6 years ago

    job was performed as promised, however the worker's attitude has lead me to look elsewhere for service. His arrogance & unprofessional demeanor does not fit in the aloha style of hawaii. Workmanship seems to be on par since the car is still running but customer service scores a zero. I would have to not recommend this facility unless your ready to be looked down upon for inquiying about saving money.

    2003 BMW 325i
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    Ted Dahlke6 years ago

    I am the "unprofessional" guy mentioned above by Miguel. I can not find any record of a 2003 BMW 325i with an owner by the first name Miguel.

    But reading between the lines above I'd imagine that Miguel's car was looked at and/ or repaired for something petty enough that no repair order was generated. And he agreed to a specific service at a specific price. Then after the fact once his car was fixed and he comes to pick up his car he tried to renegotiate his bill.

    NOTE, He says "job was performed as promised." Then he after the fact he starts "inquiring about saving money" then I "look down on" him.

    Fortunately this is something which rarely occurs most people who come here see significant value in my services and have to much integrity to try to renege on the bill after the fact. So Miguel I don't know who you are but I wish I did, it's sad that you get your feelings hurt when you are held to your word to pay your bill. But I've learned you can't please em all.

    I invite "Miguel" to call any time or stop by and discuss his gripe on even terms. And ask him to please refrain from anonymous pot shots on the WEB.

    Ted Dahlke

    a.k.a. RAGS German auto