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16309 107 Ave., Suite 1
Orland Park, IL 60491 US
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Bavarian Auto Werke is a premier service facility located in Orland Park, that carries only the top of the line equipment to service your BMW and MINI. We deal in only BMW and MINI. And our technicians are master certified with over 20 years in the industry at the dealer level. We use only BMW oem parts, unless otherwise requested. And are here to help you with the servicing of you BMW and MINI.

We carry all the same programming and diagnostic equipment carried by the dealer and then some (this includes ISTA-P, ISTA-D, GT-1, and INPA diagnostics). We can service all BMW from past to present (including F-line cars). We also have a wide range of BMW special tools needed to work on these complex cars.


  • After Hours Drop-Off


  • If you have a BMW, this is the only shop you should bring your car to. They are family owned and care about doing a good job. They are fair, honest and always do their best.

    Karl S., via Google
  • Highly recommended. I have all my BMWs serviced there, several times. They always do a great job. Quick and reasonable.

    Mike P., via Google

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12 Reviews

  • Lee B
    Lee B1 day ago

    I have owned 5 BMW, 4 of which were 7 series. I work on my cars, and this one had not seen a shop during my 4.5 yrs of ownership.

    With modern BMWs visiting an indy shop or dealership is inevitable.

    I had a problem that I knew was outside of my expertise. I spoke to Emily and dropped the car off a few days later. Ryan completed the repair and updated the software. He reported the software update took longer than the actual repair.

    When I picked up the car we chatted about my car. He showed me the defective part, discussed the repair. We also discussed some engine management upgrades and the challenges of modern BMW ownership.

    He was generous with his time and knowledge.

    2014 BMW 740i
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  • Raghu
    Raghu4 years ago

    Had good experiences for 2 major services with them. Spark plugs ignition coils, dct fluid change, rear differential fluid change, and my local BMW dealer which is the cheapest in the Chicagoland area still was about 20% more than here. Attention to detail great!

    2015 BMW M3
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  • Dwayne Surney
    Dwayne Surney8 years ago

    I drive all the way from Indiana, to have my BMW major work performed by Bavarian Auto Werke. Very knowledgeable and super reasonable. Never experience that I did not get what I paid for or felt that I got taken or overcharged. Hands down over the dealership and I would recommend Bavarian Auto Werke to any and all BMW owners.

    2007 BMW X5 4.8i
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  • Mike
    Mike9 years ago

    Ryan did a great job on fixing my M3 radiator fan. They are very honest and fair in the work and pricing. I would highly recommend taking your BMW to Bavarian Auto Werke!

    1999 BMW M3
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  • Neil Satovich
    Neil Satovich10 years ago

    Saved a ton, Ryan at Bavarian Auto Werke rebuilt my logic 7 amp for my BMW 745 saved me like 800 compared to all the other quotes I had received. Also it was done same day. This was the third time I used them. I would recommend Bavarian Auto Werke.

    2004 BMW 745
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  • Jenny Ridell
    Jenny Ridell11 years ago

    Well, it started with my vehicle dying out at highway speeds. I took my vehicle over to Orland Park BMW and they said that I needed a new motor, due to sludging. Even though i was following the oil change schedule as BMW requested and it just went out on the warranty a week ago. So I had my vehicle towed from the "stealer" oops i mean dealer, over to Bavarian Auto Werke. They pulled the valve cover and took a look in there(unlike the dealer, who didn't even request to remove the valve cover). They gave me two options one was to disassemble the motor and clean the whole motor(which they stated was the best thing to do) or Ryan said they would try a chemical cleaning with no removal. Being tight with money right now I requested the chemical cleaning. They performed the chemical cleaning with multiple low mileage oil changes over the pass couple of months . So far its been about 3 months and I have had no issues what so ever with the car. I just have to thank them so much for being so honest and walking me threw the process and saving me on a new motor. These guys go the extra step and are extremely honest. Now I bring all my bmw's here. To show my appreciation I sent them 2 dozen dougnuts and box of coffee. Once again.

    Thank you,

    Jenny Ridell

    Senior of Development

    Blue Cross Blue Shield

    2004 BMW 325xi
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  • Nathan
    Nathan11 years ago

    Bavarian Auto Werke did great work. No complaints. Would recommend.

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  • Jackie J.
    Jackie J.12 years ago

    Just want to say thanks To Ryan at Bavarian Auto Werke. I appreciate you getting me in on Sunday and getting the fuel pump knocked out the day before my vacation. I'll\l contact you about the items when i get back. Thanks.

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  • Jen
    Jen12 years ago

    I would totally use Bavarian Auto Werke again. I appreciated that they take the time to bring you out to the shop and show you what is truly going on with your car. From a girls point of most car repairs confuse me. But these guys not only explained it to me they showed me It on the car. The prices where good and quality was great. A+

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  • Joe
    Joe12 years ago

    After taking my car to the dealer and getting a quote for 5000 grand to repair a known coolant tube issue on my 745, which to add they missed the first time when they did the water pump. I took it over to Bavarian Auto Werke and they where able to do it for half the price. They where great to deal with and they keep me up to date threw the whole process. After using them, I have no need to ever go back to the dealer again.

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  • Jon dranter
    Jon dranter12 years ago

    Great work again. I recommended Bavarian Auto Werke highly. Great work, and the prices are astonishing low. Thanks again.

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  • dennis weigand
    dennis weigand12 years ago

    I brought my 03 745 over to Bavarian Auto Werke after having gone to the dealer they where able to help me out and get it done for half of what the dealer was going to charge. Thanks Bavarian Auto Werke. I would totally use these guys again

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