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Bavarian Motors, formerly R & N Bavarian Motors, has BMW factory trained master certified technicians with over 25 years of dealer experience.

We take pride in providing you with the best service and repair experience possible at a very decent price. Most BMW owners don't trust just anyone to work on their BMW, and they shouldn't have to! We not only specialize in BMW's, we work ONLY on BMW's. We believe with today's very complicated vehicles(especially BMW's) to be a true specialist, a technician must work only with one specific car line. And that's what we've been doing for over 25 years.

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Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

33 Reviews

  • Tony Eigen
    Tony Eigen1 month ago

    Great shop that clearly knows the ins and outs of all things BMW. I found them to be direct and trustworthy about what truly needed attention vs. what could be managed and deferred. Absolutely no hard sell tactics. They understand the value of repeat business for the long term and want you to leave their shop satisfied. Learned more about the specifics of my year/model than anywhere else. Very comfortable recommending them to others and I can say that I will no longer look for another mechanic to service my X5.

    2012 BMW X5
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  • Roman Lipp
    Roman Lipp1 month ago

    If you love your BMW bring it to Bavarian Motors in Chicago. Master mechanics, expert advice, trustworthy, excellent service, reasonable pricing. Robby, Bob, and Bennie set a very high standard of service. Highly recommended.

    2002 BMW M3 Convertible
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  • Larry
    Larry3 years ago

    I had a neighborhood shop change my alternator to repair the voltage regulator connected to it. Needless to say the car died two weeks. I brought my car to Bennie and he replaced the alternator with the correct BMW part. Three months later and the car has not cut off once. I am returning to the guys as I need a broke job and trust that they will do it right. The service is excellent and they explain what is going on with the vehicle very well.

    2004 BMW 645ci
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  • Larry Hayes
    Larry Hayes7 years ago

    after reading the reviews I had to take my m3 to these guys, I just replaced the smg pump and needed to have it bled, Met Bennie and Robbie at the shop and was quoted 100.00 for the computer bleeding of the system, not only did Robby bled the system he went thru all the diagnostics of my car found some communication problems, worked them out for me, he also made some adjustments so the car would handle better... at the end I asked what I owed them still the 100.00 I towed my car over 100 miles to get to these guys and I wasn't disappointed at all!! if you don't want a dealer throwing all kinds of high priced parts at your car and want it diagnosed by bmw pros this is the place to go ..If I need any major work done at all it will be by them.

    2004 BMW M3
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  • Bobby
    Bobby8 years ago

    Always a good experience , called because my battery was giving me codes on a winter day , Amy schedule my appointment and they finished and washed my car in under the time promised . I've been away from Chicago 2+ years and they still remembered me . Great place ,Great service and there are restaurants and shops to hangout at if needed .

    2009 BMW 750i
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  • Ricardo Brown
    Ricardo Brown9 years ago

    What an awesome place! Bob was extremely professional and very helpful and also thorough in his explanation as to what was going on with my 3 series. He was courteous and polite and "made sense". Amy in the payment office has been polite as well on the phone and in person. I have just relocated to Chicago and this is who will be servicing my Bayerische Motor Werk!

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Scott
    Scott10 years ago

    My 2003 325xi wouldn't start this past Sunday. Thought it was a fuel pump, but didn't want to have it towed to Perillo. The AAA tow driver said a lot of BMW owners have their cars towed to R&N. So, on Monday morning I called to ask if they could squeeze me in. Amy said they were pretty busy, but she would see what they could do. Here's what they did: fit me in without an appt., immediately diagnosed the issue (and identified one other that was potentially a safety issue), called me proactively throughout the day to inform me of status, fixed my car by the stated time, and all at a very reasonable price. When I picked up my car, David spent nearly 10 minutes with me telling me exactly what he did and some other areas that may need attention in the coming months. I can't recommend these guys highly enough. True Pros!

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  • Sean
    Sean10 years ago

    This is the first review I have ever written but when you receive great service in this day and age people need to know about it. I have a 2004 M3 - SMG with 85k miles on it. I always take great care of my car and recently I just put $2k in miscellaneous suspension work and a new starter. A week after I just got it out of the shop, as I was approaching a stoplight, the gears started slamming from 1st to 3rd. I managed to get the car to the shop I just had the repair work completed and they claimed the SMG Hydraulic pump went bad. Quoted 3k in work IF nothing was wrong with the clutch... I wanted a second opinion so I started looking at forums and found nothing but great reviews for R+N so I gave them a call, and I am sure glad I did!

    My first call was with Amie and the owner, Benny. They spent 30 minutes on the phone walking me through potential issues and solutions. I towed the car into them and they took it from there... At first all of their tests said I needed to replace the transmission! Now my price went from 3k to 5k-7k if the clutch needed work! The car is only worth about 20k at this point but 5k if I don't fix it so what do I do...

    Benny steps in and says let me drop the transmission and check for damage in the clutch. If we see damage to the clutch we'll put back the transmission and test it. If it doesn't work I won't charge you for any additional labor If we have to replace the transmission. Okay let's try it...

    Turns out there was damage to the clutch, they replaced it, put back in the transmission and tested it. The car was driving fine but the tests were kicking it out of 4th gear, and the gear lights were coming on, which was a sign that there was still damage to the transmission. I told Benny, let me pull it out of the shop and drive it for a little while and see what happens... If something goes wrong I can always bring it back.

    The NEXT morning I get a call from Benny. The other owner, Nelson went and researched the issue all night and found an identical issue in Europe with some outer springs in the transmission. Benny says since we have it here for about $200 in parts (NO ADDITIONAL LABOR) would you like to give it a try? Absolutely!

    Voila! The car is running perfectly! For $1,900 they saved my car! That also included an oil change and replacing the diff fluid! Every other shop would have told me it's the transmission and that's it. Benny personally worked on my car and made it his mission to fix it without replacing the transmission. He dropped and raised the transmission over 4 times just to test it. They spent countless hours working on my car and I'm indebted to them. The other shop would have started me with a pump, then the clutch, and then... It would have easily cost me over $5,500 they originally quoted me!

    The owners really take passion into their service and customers and it shows! They we're ecstatic they got the opportunity to learn something new about how to fix a transmission on an M3! I will never take my BMW's to another shop and I encourage everyone else to do the same!

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  • Joseph
    Joseph10 years ago

    I've never written a comment like this before. But these guys are amazing and I have to share why. Beyond the fact that they know BMWs like a preacher knows the Word (well, most preachers), the customer service is second to none.

    I took my 545 there for a check because the check engine light was on. Not only did they give me a diagnostic for free, they did a full visual check of the vehicle all for free. On top of that, I had been hearing some rattling noise coming from my back seat - they drove around with me until we figured out what the noise was. Amazing! When we discovered why the check engine light was on (increased emmissions) - Benny sat down with me and explained everything - how it works, why it works, what the consequences of fixing or not fixing were. Needless to say - I was quite pleased. These guys are real pros - and quite frankly, I'm going to own BMWs for a long time because they are there and they are good, I know they wont unnecessarily charge me for work I dont need to do, and they wont charge me an arm and a leg for work that I need to do.

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  • Jess M.
    Jess M.11 years ago

    Where do I start? These guys are AMAZING! I bring both my bmw's (M3 and 545) to them and they couldn't do a better job. Their diagnosis is dead on and they take time to show me what is what. I feel like I know my cars now. It always feels like family bringing my babies here. They finally moved to accomodate us EVEN BETTER! Prime location for prime guys! I couldn't be happier having friendly, professional, reliable guys. And you always get so much bang for your buck. I always want to give them more. Thanks RN Bavarian Motors! You guys are life savers. Why would you bring your beloved bmw to others who work on everything german? These guys and gals are bmw only!

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  • Niko
    Niko11 years ago

    These guys are the best in the business. I have been going to them since shortly after they opened and I have nothing but high praises about them... we are like family...

    Nothing but the best in service!!!!!!

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  • rads03
    rads0311 years ago

    i was skeptical about the reviews. i was wrong. took my car to them today and i can now honestly say the reviews below are on the money. my warranty ran out about a year ago and i've taken my car to the dealer the last year. decided that the convenience and the loaner just weren't worth the extra cost and made an appointment with R&N. benny was very friendly and helpful. correctly diagnosed and solved my problem. i will take my cars to him as long as i live in chicago.

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  • Sudip
    Sudip11 years ago

    David is the best. I was looking for a honest, experienced guy for my X5.

    These Guys did a great job, Far far better than the BMW Dealerships.

    Good Job Guys keep it up. 1 more thing, Aimme is great too ..


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  • xedric_lupin_apacer
    xedric_lupin_apacer11 years ago

    rare indeed. Distinguishing one business from another through the advertising

    hype that pervades our world is a tiring adventure. Many companies

    claim superiority because of low prices or unparalleled service.

    Withstanding the test of promotion is the axiom, "People wan...t to do

    business with people, not companies."

    Whenever someone does an outstanding job, it's imperative to

    recognize his or her extra effort. I had the pleasure recently of working with

    R&N Bavarian owner & employee's [Benny,Aimee and David], their diligence, honesty and professionalism are truly one of a kind!

    From a very satisfied customer,

    - Dennis -

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  • Michael Stout
    Michael Stout11 years ago

    Used them, loved them. Real pros.

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  • Ray
    Ray12 years ago

    Take your BMW to these guys. Even if you're 200 miles out, tow or drive your way to R&N because this is easily your best bet for an honest and reputable BMW garage. I would not trust my car to any other shop besides these guys.

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  • Kashif
    Kashif12 years ago

    If you own a BMW and want an honest and competent shop with VERY fair prices, this is it. This is the kind of shop that people wish for. My BMW , from now on, is not going anywhere else.I just cannot say enough good things about these guys. They are just top notch!

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  • Phil
    Phil12 years ago

    I recently moved to the Chicago area and had to have my 325i's radiator replaced. I found out about this Independent Mechanic through a BMW owners forum and read the reviews on this site. I was not disappointed. From the time that I walked in, to the time that I left, I was impressed with the knowledge and courtesy that everyone who works there offered, including the administrative assistant in the office. I highly recommend this shop and will use them again.

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  • Pat P
    Pat P12 years ago

    I have been looking for a local mechanic for my BMW 545 after my recent experience with a near by dealership (I live in the city..hint). I called R&N after reading the recommendations on this site and was able to get Benny on the phone. What a concept!!, actually talking to the technician. I explained the issues and the little knowledge I gained from researching my issues on line. Benny was great with listening to my concerns and open to the research I found. I have an appointment in the next couple of days. If the execution goes the same way my call went with Benny...I'm sold! R&N has a long term customer.

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  • preetesh
    preetesh12 years ago

    these guys are the best for your BMW. yesterday I was there to get my car fixed its a 2002 bmw 325xi, they gave me the best solutions.

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  • Sachin
    Sachin12 years ago

    It's not too often that you meet stand-up guys in the car industry. These guys are it. They took great care of me, where completely honest and up front, and best of all, you actually can see them working on the car. If only I had more BMWs to take them...

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  • Terry A Chandler
    Terry A Chandler12 years ago

    I have owned and driven BMW's for the over 25 years . The excitement of locating highly qualified ,honest, and depenable BMW mecahanics is not a dream but a reality. The really exist you can find them at R&N Bavarian Motors.. Their attention to detail, years of experience ,and clealry communicating to you about the work done by the actual person who worked on your car is refreshing. Our family has several BMW's and all of them NOW will be serviced only by this group. My recommendation go here first before going any way else to see what your BMW needs you will not be disappointed!!!! They are the guys you want working on your Bimmer

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  • Terence
    Terence12 years ago

    Let these guys do the job. They are very customer-oriented, professional and very knowledgeable. I love the transparency and personal approach. Both are very genuine people who go out of their way for you. I drove from the north suburbs to have my service done! And are there quotes reasonable! I too wish I found them sooner. You walk out of that shop feeling like you made the wisest decision for your car. Highly recommended.

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  • Espin
    Espin12 years ago

    Hello All,

    A few months ago I searched endlessly for a reputable BMW repair shop in Chicago and then I discovered R&N Bavarian Motors. They are indeed the ultimate BMW repair shop.

    It has been a pleasure taking my BMW in for repairs at R&N Bavarian Motors and I am so glad I found them . They are former BMW techs, who are sincere, dedicated, and good people who know their BMW’s and truly care about your car. Nelson thoroughly inspected my car and went out of his way to bring my car back to life. I could not have been more satisfied and impressed. They specialize in BMW’s only and have top-notch service, very reasonable prices and go the extra mile to take care of you.

    I hope this helps other BMW owners realize there is an option for premium service besides the dealership. A sincere thanks to them for all their help!!

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  • Jeremy
    Jeremy12 years ago

    I hate taking my car to the mechanic for any reason. In past experiences at various other places--including certain dealerships--I have always felt uninformed at best and duped at worst ("trust us all of these things really are wrong with your car," or "this is an expensive fix, and will be really expensive because it's BMW parts.")

    Here's why I didn't feel this way at R & N:

    When I took my car in for an oil change and some diagnostic work, I was surprised when I was greeted not by the usual front office person, but by the mechanic himself, who lead me into the garage and explained to me the various possible causes of my car issues, all the while starting up my car, listening for noises, opening up the hood, and checking various components right in front of me.

    He explained that one of the simpler possibilities was a coolant leak, and when he confirmed that in fact this was the case, he actually called me over to the engine compartment, where he held an angled mirror so I was able to see for myself that fluid was dripping. He then examined the rest of my car, explaining to me as he went what he was checking. He did find a belt that he said might need to be replaced, which normally would be a red flag for me that my bill was being run up, but again he physically showed me that it was quite cracked, and instead of giving me the hard sell, explained the level of urgency (moderate) and left the decision to me. He also pointed out several things that tend to go wrong with my model of BMW, although they were not yet a problem for my car, so that I would be aware going forward.

    As for the bill, it was EXTREMELY reasonable compared to my past repairs. The oil change was significantly less than either the dealership or my neighborhood place. They confirmed with me that they use only synthetic oil and authentic BMW parts.

    While I think there is always a leap of faith in car repair, the guys at R & N showed every indication that they were honest, reasonable, and extremely competent. They are a very small shop, but they specialize specifically in BMWs and are well stocked (they had all of the necessary parts for my repair on hand the day I took the car in). On top of all of this, they are very friendly. They recommended a nearby place for me to find a coffee while I waited. They even indulged me when I returned 15 minutes after picking up my car because I heard a faint engine noise and wanted to make sure it wasn't serious (it wasn't). I would highly recommend their service.

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  • Ike
    Ike13 years ago

    Yesterday morning my radiator light came on. I knew exactly what kind of problem I had because I had dealt with the same issue 12 months earlier when I lived in Oklahoma. But the problem is that since I moved to Chicago, I have not found a trusted mechanic to work on my beloved car. I used to go to Perillo BMW and they treated me like a number. Really all they cared about was my cash.

    Well the search is over. I found Benny and Nelson at Bavarian Motors through and I couldn't be happier. Not only did Benny explain what was wrong, he fit me in his busy schedule and fixed my car in 2 HOURS and the price was reasonable. This is premium service and I TRUST THESE GUYS. I feel so much better now that I found them. Benny explains everything in detail. I feel so lucky. If you are reading this, you will not be disappointed if you go there. I feel like now, I can keep driving my bimmer and add more bimmers to my fleet since i have a good doctor.


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  • Mike
    Mike13 years ago

    After going to the dealer for 10 years, I knew there must be an outfit that gives it to you 'straight' at a 'more than reasonable' price.

    I finally found it at R & N Bavarian.

    Knowing I needed my brake pad replaced (and potentially the rotors) I called a dealer, and then R&N. The quote over the phone was a least 1/3 less.

    Benny showed me exactly what was needed and what could wait.

    You owe it to yourself (and your wallet) to try these guys out!

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  • Dan
    Dan13 years ago

    I am writing to echo what has already been posted by the other owners: Benny is professional, friendly, and informative. He clearly explains what the issues are (and could be) with your car, the urgency of the repairs, and a clear estimate of the costs involved. And speaking of the costs, he is very fair with their labor, both in terms of the time they incur and the rates they charge.

    Also, as other posters have mentioned, they do take a thorough look at your car when you bring it in to make you aware of other issues that may be coming down the pike. Then they break the issues they see down into what I call "need to", "should do", and "eventually, it's probably a good idea" categories, which is very helpful when budgeting out repair/ownership costs.

    Lastly, they are nice enough to share their wireless connection if you want to get a little work done while you wait.

    I have a 2003 3-series and have been in twice to see them. Highly recommended.

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  • Danny
    Danny13 years ago

    MY BMW HAS A NEW HOME & HOSPITAL with grade A+++ Surgeons at R & N Bavarian Motors.

    Dear All,

    As a small business owner I knew I had struck GOLD when visiting R & N Bavarian Motors this morning for a diagnostic. Benny went through my vehicle with me and explained what was good, what was about to be bad and what was already bad. I'm a photographer so visuals are extremely important to me and what I appreciated the most is that he showed me the signs of bad or failing components. I was made aware of different issues and given the associated level of importance just as someone else's review had mentioned as well. Benny's knowledge on BMW's surely reveals itself as he explains to you the history of component changes made on BMW's behalf on your specific model. Like I mentioned earlier, the guy knows his BMW's.

    On a side note I’d also like to mention that Benny's shop partner, walked into the shop from a snow storm that was taking place. He walked over to me across the shop, well out of his way, and introduced himself. Now tell me what shop has mechanical wizards who also know how to make a customer feel at home. These are knowledgeable, sincere, humble, honest and thoughtful individuals who also happen to know BMW’s. Hope this review has provided you with the information you were looking for about this shop.


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  • Tiniko
    Tiniko13 years ago

    This is the best service I have ever received in regards to a service. Bennie is so humble and honest. If there is anything that you dont understand they are more than helpful in furthering a customer's understanding.

    Everytime I have been I have always learned something new. I really wish I had found them sooner. I would not have WASTED my time by going to the crappy dealer.

    When I tell you they know their BMW...they really know their BMW. I am so frantic because I like my car and to have a car you like and honest guys who knows how to repair it makes life easier. Trust I have been to places that say "they can fix BMW's, and I still would drive away with the same problem....but not here..

    The other posters are head on with their reviews.......I will highly recommend these guys.

    10 stars across the board .............EASY!!!

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  • Emma
    Emma13 years ago

    If you are driving the ultimate driving machine, you sure as heck don't wanna take it to a shop that works on anything. My car is my baby and thus I hate putting her in the hands of a complete stranger. This place is the exception to that rule.

    I walked in with a check engine light and some other minor issues I was having. They put my car up and we went through every single concern - showing me what was where and what could be some relevant causes. They did the diagnostic for FREE - who does that?? Surely not the BMW dealership as you can read about in my other review. The going rate for a place just hooking the diagnostic machine ON YOUR CAR is $70. They also charged my battery for FREE!!!

    Benny knows BMWs. They were knowledgeable, sincere, and thoughtful. I was made aware of different issues and given the associated level of importance. This was one of the first times EVER that I went to a place that didn't tell me 10 things were wrong and they all needed to be fixed ASAP.

    Most mechanics make you feel like you are being robbed, this place made me want to have them over for dinner. I can not say enough good things about them.

    Seeing is believing, check them out!!! I wish I could give them 10 stars!!!

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  • Bill Cleary
    Bill Cleary13 years ago

    We all know how expensive it is to get our cars worked on.My 98 5-series is at the point where things have been going south. Finally there is an option to dealers, R & N Bavarian.You don't have to give up the quality to get the deal! These guys are really good and really sharp. I highly recommend this place!


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  • Simon
    Simon13 years ago

    I can entirely validate what the previous poster has said. I went over to this shoped based on the glowing reviews it had on Yelp and out of a desperation to find a decent BMW service center in Chicago. When I called R & N they were so helpful and polite on the phone I was convinced enough to give them a shot and boy am I glad I did.

    Like the previous poster, they gave my car a full inspection for free. And it was rigorous. The owner, Ben, spent nearly two hours going through every little bit of the car I asked him to and let me watch and participate in everything he was doing. It was such a refreshing experience.

    They have all the diangostic tools that the dealershop does, are former BMW Techs and only work on Bimmers. So they know these cars and love these cars as much as we, their dear owners, do. The attention to detail they gave my 330ci was just wonderful. I am rarely if ever motivated to post reviews online of my experiences but in this case these guys have more than earned it. They won a customer for life yesterday with they way they treated me. If only all mechanics were like this.

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