Euro Star Motors

7221 West 87th Street,
Bridgeview, IL 60455 US
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Factory trained technicians specializing in complete foreign and domestic auto service. We promise competitive pricing and quick, quality service.

4 Reviews

  • Micheal Sandstone5 years ago

    If you own a european car this is the place to have it serviced, I recently serviced my Mercedes at Eurostar and was impressed at how experienced the mechanic was, he was able to have my car repaired the same day and I saved lots of $$ compared to the dealership and other local repair shops, thanks again!!

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  • Joann6 years ago

    I for one am very thankful for eurostar..i always get a quote from the mercedez dealer before i go to them. and honestly the dealer was ripping me off. alot of people might say that the guys at euro star like to repair stuff that is not broken. but that is not truth they simply inspect your car from top to bottom and tell you what is wrong with your car and what repairs is gonna need in the future so that you dont find your self stranded some where. they advise you on what your car needs so that it can run the way it did when you fist bought it new out of the dealer. i had nothing but good experience with those guys. my mercedes is running gorgeous thanks to them. and it didnt burn a hole in my pocket. thanx Charlie....

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  • Ruru Batone6 years ago

    These guys are full of crap. They charged me above what the dealer would charge and my brakes are squeeking. They are liars, they told me we use only original parts and I come to find that they used some cheap brake pads and rotors. Buyer beware, these guys are liars and crooks.

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  • enrico7 years ago

    If your driving a german engineered vehicle then you wanna take it to someone that knows those cars. Ive seen many bmw's, m.b's, porsche's, and audi's go through here. The shop is fairly new but, the guys that run the place have years of dealer experience. you be the judge!


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