Mike & Henry's Auto Service

17 Ogden Avenue,
Western Springs, IL 60558 US
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Specializing in European auto repair in the Chicagoland area.

4 Reviews

  • JR - Downers Grove
    JR - Downers Grove14 years ago

    I had moved to the Chicago area from out of town with no experience working with a local BMW repair shop. I read the reviews here and decided to contact them. For the BMW auto repair industry, Mike and Henry are a UNIQUE combination. They are FAIR and HONEST! They will try to work you into their busy schedule when unforeseen circumstances require their help. Their pricing is reasonable and they will own up to mistake if they make one.

    Ethics is RARELY found in the BMW repair industry but I am confident your experience will be the same as mine with Mike & Henry's!!!

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  • Jim - Burr Ridge
    Jim - Burr Ridge15 years ago

    They did a nice job fixing my BMW 528i. It runs like butter now. The engine was running on 5 cylinders, I was afraid it was the camshaft or rockers. But they looked at it and told me it was a broken spark plug. They replaced the plugs and the coils, and now it's a good as new. I'll bring my BMW's there from now on, better than getting ripped off by the dealers.

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  • Tony Yelacic
    Tony Yelacic15 years ago

    I've used MnH for a few years and have never had an issue with them. They're straight shooters who do the work that needs to be done no more, no less. They handle mostly German vehicles, which works for me as I've had nothing but VWs for the past 10 years.

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  • Doug Palmer
    Doug Palmer16 years ago

    I have usMike and Henry's for over 15 years on and off. They have done work on several vehicles over that time, 944 Porsche, 911 Porsche, and a 3 series BMW. One one occaision a Porsed dealer told me I needed 1200 bucks in brake repairs. Mike and Henry looked at it and told me I needed no work, but would need front brakes in 10 or 12 thousand miles. Later charging me couple hundred bucks. I think these guys are great, in fact I have my BMW there right now for repair.

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