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2205 Dutch Lane,
Jeffersonville, IN 47130 US
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Welcome to Mike Johns Imports (MJI), Kentuckiana's most trusted BMW repair shop!

MJI is a full service BMW only facility in the Lousiville area. We have a 16000 sq ft repair space loaded with all the latest BMW specific tools and technology to get the job done right. We have all the training and tools to repair BMW vehicles from the 70's all the way up to brand new vehicles that require special coding and programming.

That's right, not only can we do all the dealer specific programming, but we can do it faster and more affordably. Here at MJI we use genuine BMW parts in order to provide the best repair available in Kentucky and Indiana. As a matter of fact our customers come from all over the Midwest to have their BMW serviced by MJI. Our techs are trained regularly and posses the desire to repair your vehicle to the specs and pride that BMW intended.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Meet Our Team

  • Bryan

    Owner & Lead Technician

    Bryan grew up on a farm in Southern Indiana and was immersed in repair of farm equipment and automobiles at an early age. At 15 he built his first custom vehicle a 69 Chevy pickup truck.

    Bryan attended college at Indiana State University where he trained in automotive technology. In 1999 he transferred his credits to Universal Tech in Phoenix, AZ where he earned an associate's of applied science in auto and diesel technology.

    Upon graduation he was accepted into BMW STEP, and elite group of students who were to be trained in BMW factory level training. He apprenticed at the dealership where he became a BMW expert.

    In 2008 he started his own shop known as Monkey Wrenches with the intent to take over MJI as owner operator. In August 2011 he took over operations at MJI. He is a BMW Master.

8 Reviews

  • Brian Reed
    Brian Reed5 years ago

    Excellent service. They communicate very well and are reasonably priced. You can tell they definitely know their stuff. Very comfortable to work with. Highly recommend Mike Johns Imports.

    2008 BMW 535i
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  • Russell
    Russell7 years ago

    I had a coolant leak issue, the great folks at Mike Johns Imports, analyzed, diagnosed and fixed the issues (water pump, fan clutch, top and lower radiator hoses, were replaced, new coolant and replaced a much worn out main drive belt), they were amazing on how professional they were, how fair-priced they were and how expedient they were.

    I truly, recommend Mike Johns Imports for all your BMW service needs, they are extremely honest, extremely knowledgeable and treat Customers in a appreciative, respectful manner. Thank you MJI for the WOW experience you gave us!

    2005 BMW 330xi
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  • Rob Lamberson
    Rob Lamberson9 years ago

    Found Mike Johns Imports on bimmershops.com. Just really glad I found you guys because I was about to sell my e38 740iL for anything I could get out of it . Now I think I'll keep it forever. They did a fantastic job and I'm very happy even though the shop was about an hour and a half drive from where I live. When it comes time to replace my timing chain and service the tranny I am definitely going to return. Thank you so much!

    2001 BMW 740iL
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  • Julie Cooley
    Julie Cooley11 years ago

    I got a great recommendation from a friend to go see Mike Johns Imports in Jeffersonville. Mike Johns in a BMW GURU. He fixed 2 or 3 of my issues on the spot! Within minutes, i was completely blown away at his humbleness and lack of greed. There aren't many business owners like him left in America.

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  • Bryan
    Bryan11 years ago

    Mike Johns Imports is hands down the best service in Louisville and Indiana for BMW. He has as many in stock parts as the dealership and all the specialized equipment needed. And as far as losing his top techs that's a joke. Those techs merely followed Mike's lead he makes the shop. Another shop has been trying to trash his name since they left but they will never be Mike Johns. He has plenty of good techs there now and they are going strong. I know of people who actually drive from Ohio and Indianapolis and beyond to get their service done with Mike. And all the other BMW shops in town have to use him in some form in their day to days. I own a shop of my own and I strive to be like MIke.

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  • Margie
    Margie13 years ago

    Yes Mike Johns Imports is still open, took the baby in this morning & yes they are awesome. Mike, Larry & Pam where one of the major reasons I kept the BMW I bought at with a bad block.

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  • Joyce Inman
    Joyce Inman13 years ago

    Mike Johns Imports is the best--never go anywhere else. I buy and service my cars strictly through them--There is nothing more valuable than experience, honesty and a lack of greed. Mike appreciates and understands these cars the way some people love fine wine. Larry is top-notch and everyone there is responsive and responsible.

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  • Melanie Doyon
    Melanie Doyon15 years ago

    Mike Johns Imports is awesome. They are reliable, dependable, and honest. I wouldn't take my BMW anywhere else. Mike and Larry are great to work with and take great care of my car.

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