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1403 Hugh Ave.
Louisville, KY 40213 US
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Owner/operator Russell Stansbury is a 23 year veteran service tech working solely on BMWs with ASE Mastertech and a previous ACT(BMW) Tech certification. His co-worker, Mark Leezer, is a 21 year solely BMW trained mechanic, an ASE Mastertech and is a previous ACT(BMW) Mastertech. They are both very well known as highly respected BMW mechanics in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area. His brand new shop, established August, 27 2007, is located on Hugh Ave at Poplar Level Road and The Waterson Expressway.


  • They were fast and efficient, while friendly and professional. I actually returned after my original issue was repaired, for a maintenance job. I plan on going there in the future.

    Linda T., via Google
  • Great place for BMW repair.

    Russell G., via Google

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12 Reviews

  • John
    John6 years ago

    This isn't a mass production repair shop, just Russ on the BMW side. First rate mechanic and knows his stuff.

    Ken something or other had to take my cooling sys apart to quote me over $2000 on parts n labor that come to find out wouldn't have addressed the problem at all. 2 minutes talking to Russ at Autobahn and he knew what to do. Approx $600 later I'm all set.

    Again, it's only Russ with no receptionist and he always has customers in line. Be flexible, be chill, understand he's got a full plate and you'll be a happy customer.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Scott Stalker
    Scott Stalker6 years ago

    Been bringing Bruno in to Autobahn BMW Repair for a little over two years now. Always friendly, repairs and maintenance reasonably priced, comfortable following through with what they recommend. Very much like the reputable local garages of my yesteryear. Will continue bringing my cars here. Drive in from Shelbyville for the service.

    1997 BMW Z3
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  • Chevis Howard
    Chevis Howard7 years ago

    Was denied service on my BMW becuase they couldn't get my car started. Was told on the phone the by i guess the manager, the job was to big and he couldn't push his mechanics to work on it. My car had been sitting up there for two weeks, and they wasn't even going to call me back. I just find it ridiculous to recieve that answer, especially when the guy on the phone asked me what was wrong with my car( starting issue and oil leak) before I even dropped it off and he told me to bring it. I thought I was bringing my car to professional mechanics, and got told they couldn't get it started lol.

    2008 BMW 545i
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  • stan salyards
    stan salyards8 years ago

    Started taking my 2011 BMW to Autobahn BMW Repair after the factor service contract ran out. Russ and his team has always done a great job on my vehicle.

    I moved to Nashville over a year ago and still bring my car here to have it serviced because I trust them.

    Just bought a 2015 x3 and will bring it here to have it serviced.

    2011 BMW x3 28i
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  • Marsha Dailey
    Marsha Dailey8 years ago

    Rude. Rude. Rude. These people don't appreciate your business & act like they could careless if you ever come back. They were rude to not only me when I picked up the car, but also to my husband & son over the phone. They aren't really cheaper than anybody else so there's really no reason to go back.

    2006 BMW 330
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  • John Smith
    John Smith8 years ago

    Worst customer experience ever. These guys do not know how to be courteous over the phone at all. They act like they don't need your business. I called on two separate occasions to ask about their prices for simple services (oil change, battery replacement, etc) and they always answer with an attitude. Will never take my car there for sure!

    2010 BMW 335i
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  • Nick
    Nick10 years ago

    I've had my 2001 325i repaired at Autobahn BMW Repair for the past few years and Russell has done an impeccable job every single time for a fraction of the price of other shops. Anyone in the Louisville area in need of a BMW repair should look no further for repairs.

    2001 BMW 325i
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  • Krishna
    Krishna11 years ago

    I have peace of mind when my car is repaired by Autobahn BMW Repair. They are knowledgeable skilled and thorough.

    1994 BMW 540i
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  • pam
    pam11 years ago

    I have always had an honest & open discussion about my beemer with these guys. They have been a pleasure to do business with, unlike some of the other independent shops I've done business with. They are upfront with the approximation of cost of labor as well as the service needed. I will always recommend them to my friends that have BMWs, as I feel that they are reasonable on their rates, personal service & are honest about what is going on with my car. I highly regard Autobahn BMW Repair as the best Louisville has to offer in a specialty, luxury type car!

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  • Galen
    Galen13 years ago

    If you need a skilled, fairly priced, honest BMW repair service, Autobahn BMW Repair is it. I have a 2004 545I that had a very major engine problem that the dealer wanted 16k minimum to fix. Autobahn got the job done very well for about 1/3 the cost. They demonstrated that they cared which was quite different from the feeling that I got from the dealer.

    I have worked on most of my cars over the years including several imports so I can say with confidence that these guys are very knowledgeable and thorough. The car is now performing flawlessly it it wont be going anywhere except Autobahn BMW for repair. If you want to know more about the problem that I had search for "tapping 545i" on youtube.

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  • genuine
    genuine14 years ago

    I will never take my car to this place again. I spent about $2,ooo on two shop visits. On the second visit someone stole a part from my car. When I phoned to pick it up, they said and by the way your car is missing the part. When I realized what they were talking about I said no it was on when I dropped it off. When I picked it up the part was obviously missing. Again I said it was there when I dropped it off. I did not like their idea of us splitting the cost of a new part. They said call back, and I did. When I called back they said you were suppose to have phoned back before now, as if that made a difference. They allowed someone to steal a part from my car and refused to replace it. I can only imagine what else I paid for and did not receive. I will never take any car of any kind here again, and I am glad I learned the lesson early.

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  • Debra
    Debra14 years ago

    I bought my 2004 BMW 325XI in Michigan 2 years ago. We moved to Louisville about 10 months ago, and I have been looking for a good, reputable BMW service center. I read reviews of other nearby shops, and knew I was not going to either place. I finally found Autobahn BMW Repair on this website, and decided to give them a try. I am extremely happy with my choice. My car had not been serviced in over a year since I am a very low-mileage driver. I met Russ, and gave him the details of what I wanted them to work on (oil change, air filter, rear tail light and rotate and balance my tires). They gave me quotes for each item, and with my permission, they went ahead and did the work. My car now drives like a dream again. Their labor charge was reasonable (to me), $80/hr. I do not know what the other nearby shops charge but I do know it is more than that, and I also don't trust them with my car based on all the reviews I have read about them.

    In most of the reviews, a lot of the reviewers complain about the cost. The way I see it, if you choose the drive a luxury car, you should expect to pay more to maintain it. The reason I bought a bimmer is because I know how good they are to drive, and that they have a reputation for being good cars, unlike my BRAND NEW Jeep Grand Cherokee, where for the 2 years I owned it, I took it to the dealer every other month because something was wrong with it, and they could not always figure out what it was. I traded it for my bimmer and now this is all I will drive.

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