Plum Springs Garage

1851 Plum Springs Rd,
Bowling Green, KY 42101 US
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BMW Master Technician on duty 6 days a week! We offer reduced labor hours when compared to the dealership prices. Experience and quality is the focus of our operation. We would love to serve you and your BMW!

9 Reviews

  • Jack Shepherd
    Jack Shepherd7 years ago

    Plum Springs used to be a reputable and trustworthy place to bring your vehicle for maintenance. Jerry has done a great job since Bob's untimely passing...until he hired Lee. Lee has done a terrible job managing the garage. His dishonest principles, price gouging and lack of customer service has driven me away and many others. Plum Springs Garage will force unnecessary repairs and charge for work which was never done.

    2006 BMW 2006 BMW
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  • David Houk
    David Houk9 years ago

    Bob and Jerry are, in my opinion, the best in the business. No matter what the issue, they have the ability and the equipment to solve it. I have been a customer now for several years and as long as I own a BMW, I will always be.

    2005 BMW M5
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  • Felicia
    Felicia11 years ago

    Plum Springs Garage is awesome at what they do. They professional, reliable, consistent, affordable, personable and get the job done! I moved here from Tx back in Jan 2011 and needed to find a reliable mechanic for my 1993 Volvo 240. Bob and his staff have NEVER let me down.

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  • bandit031308
    bandit03130812 years ago

    I've taken my audi a4 to Plum Springs several times to get prices on parts and what not. Bob always seems to give me the best deals and get parts cheaper than I could find anywhere else. He is a very knowlegable person and I will never take my audi anywhere else. Bob can figure out what part I need and have it by noon the next day (if not a weekend), or if I call him at 8am and give him the go ahead to order, hell have it by noon the same day. I recently had a slight accident and my car looked wayyy worse than what was really wrong. Bob found the part within a few hours, had it the next morning and fixed my car by the end of the day the next day. His mechanic (I believe his name is Jerry) is also very knowlegable. They are very kind people and like I said, I'll always take my audi there.

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  • Todd
    Todd12 years ago

    The night before I was to drive with friends from BG to New Orleans, my air conditioner wasn't cooling very well. I called Plum Springs Garage and asked if they could check it out for me since I was heading out of town. They worked me into their schedule, checked it out and added some refrigerant. AC has worked great for a month now. That was my first experience with Plum Springs but it won't be my last.

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  • Michael
    Michael13 years ago

    I have taken my BMW to Plum Springs Garage and to the local dealership for work. Plum Springs Garage is a bit out of the way for me, but I know my car will be fixed and I don't have to worry about the problem 50 miles down the road. Also, the cost is explained up front and there were no surprise charges when I picked up the car. I can not say this about the dealership. To date, every time I went there, either the problem was not resolved, the final cost did not match what I was told it would be, or both. The dealership service tries very hard and are very pleasant. Sorry, but that is not enough. I want my car repaired, and Plum Springs Garage is able to do that.

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  • Ethan Sellers
    Ethan Sellers13 years ago

    Bob and Co. did right by us. On our way from Nashville to Chicago, our Volvo 1991 940 Turbo broke down a few miles up I-65 from Plum Springs, and relatives of friends nearby swore by Plum Springs Garage, so we had our car towed there.

    Within an hour, it was diagnosed, a part ordered, and Bob drove us to a nearby motel to spend the night, since the part wouldn't arrive until morning. The next day, Bob called a half hour ahead of the expected time, picked us up in our now functional car, we drove back to the garage, settled up (VERY reasonable), and were on our way.

    On the drives to/from the motel, I got a chance to "interview" Bob about our car's issues and the business in general, and - aside from his shop's performance in this case - I am convinced that he knows his stuff. Truth to be known, I have half a mind to bring my car in to them for "elective" repairs we've deferred, if I can coordinate with our Nashville-area relatives to pick us up.

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  • Paula Haynes
    Paula Haynes13 years ago

    I can only say that when I take my New Beetle to Bob and his crew that they have done right by me. I am very pleased with the service and open dialogue I have with them. I thought my car was a goner after an incident with a mailbox that was in a tire rim but Bob fixed it and saved me headache and money. He came highly recommended by a couple of people we knew had used him and he lives up to what they said. He has fixed the auto power window for me as well.

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  • Michael Manship
    Michael Manship14 years ago

    I would like to share how I feel about the work that Plum Springs Garage has performed on the BMWs I have owned throughout the years. Number one, I can talk to the mechanic. Notice I did not describe him as a technician. For me, I want a mechanic working on my car and not a technician. Mechanics fix things. Technicians replace things. The point is, I can talk to Bob and his guys about my car, I can go back and take a look at what is being done if I wish and I can ask questions and get an answer. Going to the BMW Dealership is just too scary for me. I went there once with a question about my nav unit. I had to leave the car and come back because they have to check the car in to the system and what not. Anyway, they said $3,000 to fix. I got it fixed for $300 otherwise. The shiny facility makes me want to go there, but it is just too scary.

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