Springdale Automotive - Bowman Field

2816 Taylorsville Rd.,
Louisville, KY 40205 US
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Springdale Automotive has been dedicated to providing the best BMW service experience for our customers since 1979. We strive to make it easy for you to do business with us: easy to get in for service, easy to get quality BMW repairs done on schedule, easy to feel good about the entire experience and drive home with a smile.

2 Reviews

  • Elizabeth LeSueur
    Elizabeth LeSueur12 years ago

    I was somewhat hesitate to buy a used, out-of-warranty Mini Cooper until I was told about Stein. They have been wonderful to me and my Mini! A Mini Cooper dealership is opening up in late winter about 4 blocks from my home, but I plan to continue heading to Stein to have my work done.

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  • Rob Koch
    Rob Koch15 years ago

    I at one time in my life was somewhat into cars. I had gotten a GTI, and did not know a great deal about it.

    I wanted to get a better piles on the thing, but I did not want to sound like an idot coming down the street.

    They fixed me up. They did a great job. Good parts, and did a solid, tight job.

    If I ever get another car that can be services at their place, its the first place that I will go. I have confedence in what they tell me. And thats rare anymore.

    Are they high? Well, they were then. But being that I did not need to go back, argue, or go behind them, the little bit more that I paid was well spent.

    Granted this was some time back, I have heard they still have the same type service. I know that when ever I have had to call down threw the years, they have always been kind, and helpful.

    Give them a try if you have a German car, you will be glad that you did.

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