Euroteck European & Foreign Car Repair

930 Shreveport Barksdale Hwy,
Shreveport, LA 71105 US
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1 Review

  • Brenda Traylor4 years ago

    cheaper is not always better, I had problems with my transmission leaking and I took my car to Eurotech, what I got from them for almost 800.00 was my engine cleaned, instead of changing the pressure hose on my car they patched it and supposely changed my transmission pan which if they did it was damaged. I had the same problem again this time I could not drive it so I had it towed to another shop, they were rude even the owner and did not want to refund me any money, I live almost two hours away they wanted to give me a free oil change, they finally agreeded to refund me the price of the transmission pan which was a little over 200.00 dollars. I had to go to the shop to sign for the refund and then they would not mail the refund so I had to go back again to pick up the check. Not a good shop take it from me go to the dealer.

    2004 BMW 525i
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