The Bimmers Clinic

3212 26th St.,
Metairie, LA 70002 US
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Servicing BMWs since 1983.

We are your premier BMW service center in Metairie, LA. and the New Orleans area. We are a Bosch Authorized Service Center. Our BMW technicians are ASE certified and use the latest equipment to accurately diagnose and repair your BMW. We offer the most competitive rates in the New Orleans area for BMW repair, service and maintenance.

4 Reviews

  • Mark
    Mark2 years ago

    Always a great experience at Bimmers Clinic. They are my "go to" guys for all my BMW X1 service needs. I put a ton of miles on my car and they help me stay on top of all the routine maintenance as well as the occasional mechanical issue. Highly recommended.

    2016 BMW X1
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  • Richard Voelker
    Richard Voelker7 years ago

    I brought my vehicle to The Bimmers Clinic in Metairie and had a few things done including my inner and outer tie rods , and before the work started, I asked where they usually sent their vehicles for alignment afterwards, they told me Goodyear on Causeway Blvd (less than a mile away), Now to backtrack a little, I had just had new tires put on just about a month earlier. After I picked up the car, it seemed to be tracking straight and handled ok, but when I went to rotate my tires about 3,000 miles later, the insides of my front tires were completely worn down! I went to Goodyear to see the printout of the alignment and when the manager looked on the computer, he said that they have not done a car from Bimmers Clinic in over 4 years! I went back and confronted Noah (the owner) and he acted aloof and said that my BMW only required a toe adjustment and he used a "bar" to adjust it, and that my struts are probably bad, which they are not, and even if they were, why didn't he tell me earlier!!! Now on my invoice he had grouped together a bunch of things in the labor column including "check alignment", so I really don't have any legal recourse, but he should have had some integrity and told me that they had adjusted it close, but I needed an actual computer alignment. I will never go to this shop again even thought it is in walking distance of my house!

    2002 BMW 530i
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  • Chris W
    Chris W9 years ago

    This is one shop to avoid. My car was serviced ok but then I was told my control arm bushings were shot and needed to be replaced to the tune of $450. As it turns out, the bushings were ok and had several thousand miles left on them. Their quote for parts on this was astronomical and they also said a front end alignment would be required..and that simply isn't true. Very shady place for sure and I will never go back.

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  • Nelson Holmes
    Nelson Holmes10 years ago

    I would avoid this guy at all costs. His work is so-so but, he is definitely not a straight shooter. Make sure you get the exact miles when dropping your car off and expect to see it (your car) cruising around town and I'm not talking about a standard test drive!

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